Maha MH-C204W

One Hour International Worldwide Charger


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Price: RM115 (without battery) ; RM155 (with 4 pieces of Maha PowerEx 2500mAh batteries + 4AA battery holder)


Maha PowerEx C204W




One that can fit into my camera bag (no charger should have its own bag)

Take anywhere into the world without having to carry a transformer

A reliable charger that charges my batteries FULL when the lights turn green

Long lasting and able to charge batteries even when left there for months

A charger that will always works!



Maha MH-C204W One Hour International Conditioning Charger is born answering to the photographers' need. It is a designed based on the feedbacks from customers around the world and incorporating the highest charger technology that Maha has gathered through years of experience in producing the best charger in the world.



The MH-C204W weights only 115 grams is among the lightest charger in the world. Maha decision of designing MH-C204W to use an AC cord instead of a "foldable plug" so that the charger will not occupy valuable real estate on the wall outlet, and also allow you to position the charger in a comfortable position rather than behind the cabinet of your hotel room! The AC cord can also be easily changed for various regions. MH-C204W sold in Malaysia supplying by is using the European type cord.



Maha MH-C204W has an integrated 100-240V 50/60Hz international power supply. When traveling abroad, it is no longer necessary to bring a bulky transfer or having the fear or not having the right voltage.


MH-C204W is also globally certified for safety and electromagnetic compatibility. This charger bears the UL safety mark, as well as FCC, CE, GS, C^Tick, Australia DOIR, Argentina S and numerous others.


The AC power supply integrated in the charger is not just any power supply. Open up the MH-C204W and you will see the quality. The AC power supply is based on a patented "Top Switch" design that converts AC to DC power with over 75% efficiency. Higher efficiency means that the charger is more environmental friendly than the others, by utilizing the resources.




One of the Maha's unique strengths is the ability to develop a charging microprocessor in-house. No compromise for an off-the-shelf product. Most of the features in a charger, besides its charging speed and size, depend mostly on its brain, the microprocessor. Maha's team of embedded systems architects and programmers designed a brand new microprocessor just for this charger: the MH-NM5000 series processor.


Through unique algorithms, the MH-C204W is able to reach nearly a 98% charging efficiency (that is a 98% charge level in the batteries when the lights turn green) without the risk of undercharging or overcharging. This is through an array of high-resolution 12bit A\D (analog-to-digital) converters and temperature sensors. After all, you don't want your 2500mAh NiMh AA batteries only charged to 2100mAh.


In addition, Maha's new processor also features a unique FOUR STAGES CHARGING PROCESS that is found in no other charger:

1. Ramp-up

2. Rapid Charging

3. Top-off Charging

4. Maintenance Charging


When NiMh batteries are left unused in an extended period of time, this often degrade the performance significantly. Maha designed a special "ramp-up" charge that "jolts" the batteries if needed to revive old batteries. This happens in the first two minutes after the battery insertion. This "jolting" is a series of carefully timed high current pulses that can activate both new and inactive batteries. From the customer's point of view, they can put batteries of different health levels and rely on the charger to give them a complete charge.


MH-C204W also features an unique "top-off" charge. Through extensive research, Maha has discovered that if, after completion, the charger abruptly terminates the rapid charge and go directly into trickle charge, batteries often fail to retain the most amount of charge. Therefore, Maha designed an intermediate, medium current, top-off charge. This is similar to slowly "topping off" a glass of water, but not to the rate of drop by drop. Drop-by-drop is the job of the maintenance charge.


Some customers leave their batteries in the chargers for an extended period of time before using. The maintenance charge (50mA) is an extremely low current pulse charging that gives the batteries a brief pulse charge every few seconds to ensure the batteries are charged but not overcharged. Instead of using a continuous current, the pulse maintenance charge allows the batteries to be in good shape even after being left in the charger for an extended period of time.



In addition to its superior charging algorithm, the MH-C204W also has a high-rate built-in battery conditioner. The conditioner, which can be activated by pressing the conditioning button, will deep-discharge the batteries and recharge them automatically without further user intervention.


The conditioner has proven to be useful in reviving poorly performing batteries. Batteries that were previously thought ready for the recycle bin can often be brought back to life.



Maha MH-C204W uses the highest quality components, assembled and tested in Maha's wholly owned production facilities in Taiwan under ISO-9001 quality systems.


Before each unit is shipped, EVERY CHARGER goes through extensvie automatic circuit board inspection as well as an automatic functional system. Not just sampling a small number of unit but EACH CHARGER that leaves the Maha factory is fully tested before it ships.



Enough praise of the MH-C204W charger, how about its CONs?

1. NiMh Only

MH-C204W is designed to charge only NiMh battery. Dropping the support to charge NiCd battery that other chargers might offer. In reality, this isn't much of an issue as NiCd battery is having high memory effect and low mAh capacity and is unpopular among photographers.


MH-C204W also features an unique algorithm for detecting Alkaline batteries, which is often unsafe to charge. The charger will not start the charge when it detects Alkaline batteries.



MH-C204W is featuring two independent charging circuits instead of four. Two is better than one (in most low end charger) but four is definitely more desirable.


With having only two independent charging circuits, you can only charge your batteries in pair/s (2 or 4 batteries). MH-C204W will detect a full circuit of two batteries before it starts charging. It is recommended to charge the same capacity of batteries in pair, as the charger will switch to maintenance charge when detecting either one of the two batteries is full.


3. Car / Mobile Support

There is no car / mobile support for MH-C204W. You can use the charger in car, which is quite handy for adventures that drive around. However, an optional DC to AC converter is available to allow car 12 DC operation.



If you are looking for an affordable world travel charger that can always charge your batteries to the fullest, the MH-C204W is a very good option.


If you are looking for a charger that can charge 4 different capacities of batteries concurrently, MH-C204W is not meant for you but Maha MH-C801D (8 batteries 1 hour charger).



How long does it take to charge batteries using the MH-C204W?

Generally around 1 hour for 2 AA or AAA batteries and 2 hours for 4 AA or AAA batteries.


Will it charge higher capacity batteries?

Yes. This charger was designed not only to charge any capacity of NiMH batteries, it will charge with up to a 98%+ efficiency.