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Street & Field Rover AW

Street & Field Shoulder Harness

Street & Field Deluxe Waistbelt

This is my first "professional" camera bag! My first camera "backpack"! I have been dreaming for this bag for quite some times...and now I have it in my hand.

I bought this bag used, but according to the seller, this bag is less that one month old. I can't find any sign of use outside the bag, and the shoulder harness and deluxe waist belt are not even attached to the bag yet! The price I pay for this bag is about 20% less than the price in shop, with no different in condition (ok...maybe slightly...) I guess this is still a very worth buy for me. much I pay for it...??? Ok, ok, it is about ....20% less...

Why I like this bag so much? I guess it is because this bag is very nice looking! From outside, you can't tell it is a camera bag. Yes, indeed, it is not a camera is a multipurpose backpack! The bag has 2 compartments. One on top and one bottom. There are protective sponges in the lower compartment, thus makes this bag a camera bag. The sponges is very thick and soft, make them a very good divider and padded for "need extra care" equipment. One best thing about this bag is that the sponges in the lower compartment can be removed wholly, thus make the compartment larger and become a "not so ordinary" back pack...( is really too nice backpack to be ordinary...).


This Lowepro Street & Field Rower AW backpack needs Lowepro Street & Field Shoulder harness and Lowepro Street & Field Deluxe Waistbelt to make it completes. Deluxe Waistbelt is not a must, but if you don't buy the Shoulder Harness, then this bag is no more a back pack. It will be a front bag/side bag/up bag/down bag...or a storing bag you use at home. can't bring the bag easily without the shoulder harness, or can't bring it out at all. The Shoulder Harness is very good designed. It fits nicely to the backpack and the colors matches fine. There are 3 size for this shoulder harness: S/M, L, and XL. Mine is S/M size, and it fits me nicely. I am 182cm tall and 62kg.You need to try out the size first before going for the L, and XL one, as I think they might be too oversize for Asian people.

Deluxe Waistbelt is not a compulsory accessory for this bag, and sincerely I find this deluxe waist belt too unneccessary for those who like to walk around in town but still want to carry a camera in their backpack. I find this Deluxe Waistbelt too bulky/wide for one one to look nice...ha...if you are into action, then this Deluxe Waistbelt will make you look smart and handsome, but if you are shopping in town, you become too "extreme" and people will think that you are "not right somewhere"! For long time backpacking, the Deluxe Waistbelt will make backpaking easier as it spread the load evenly over your waist. There are several size for this waistbelt: 9 (waists 24-28in. 61.71cm); 11 (waist 28-34in. 71-86.5cm); 13 (waist 34-42in. 86.5-106.5cm); 15 (waist 42-48in. 106.5-122cm). Mine is the size 11, and it fits me well. If you are not too fat, I would say the 11 size is the one to go. I still find this size a bit loose for me...and I have tighten the belt to its smallest. Ha...I am thin I admit. I guess one should just follow the size recommendation by Lowepro.

Attaching the Shoulder Harness and Deluxe Waistbelt is no easy job. least I can't do it when I was standing in the MRT train in Singapore while on my way back Johor. However, while at home, I find it not too hard to understand. Ha...need a bit try and error. I would say the best way is attached everything together at the shop you buy the bag. Ha...too complicated to explain the process in will skip. Anywhere, I find it quite interesting fixing something to LEGO toys...


Should you buy it? if you are budget conscious (I am in tight budget too...), then you might want to consider the simplier and cheaper version of this bag, the Lowepro S & F Rover Light. Rover light has the same features and carrying capacity of Rover AW, but with integral backpack harness, waistbelt, sternum strap, and load adjustment straps but with no All Weather Cover. Rover AW has built in All Weather Cover that stores at the bottom of the bag. took me quite some time to search for it...If you are patient enough, then you might want to hunt and wait around in the 2nd hand market, as you might as well get a 2nd hand but in like new condition Rover AW like mine. However, people who bought this bag very seldom wants to sell it is really a nice all purpose bag.


Updated (16 Nov 2000): Yesterday when I browse through Lowepro 2000 product brochure, I found a very nice and handsome bag like my Street & Field Rover AW. is the Orion AW!, not the Orion Trekker but Orion AW. This is a revised product by Lowepro. A very nice backpack that can be converted into a beltpack or shoulder bag! Ha...I am interested...but in term of outlook, my Street & Field Rover AW is still nicer...

Updated (16th Nov 2001): Instruction manual in .pdf format on how to tie the Shoulder Harness, Deluxe Waistbelt to the Rover AW can be downloaded from Lowepro website, or

CLICK here.


Some pictures of my bag, showing how the strap is attached to the bag...