Gitzo carbon fibre G1228


This is my first carbon fibre tripod, my 2nd Gitzo (my first Gitzo was the G1340). I have never thought that I would have my own carbon fibre tripod one day...but the price of S$100, I just can't resist. Ok, 2nd hand of course, but the condition is LIKE NEW! Note that this is the not the MK2 version, which I suppose should have corrected some of the weakness of the first version. See later for weakness.



Gitzo G1228 is a 4 sections carbon fibre tripod. This is a very compact tripod yet provide good stability for travelling. I would grade it the best travel tripod for those who are no Arnold Swazernager. When store, it is short enough to pack into your backpack. With the weight of 1.5kg, this is the lightest 2 series tripod u can get in Gitzo range.  


Below are the specifications of some of the Gitzo tripods in my consideration before I got my G1340:

G1340 Mk2 Performance O 3 --- 154 11 71 2.9 10
G1320 Mk2 Performance R 3 193 159 49.5 74 3.29 10
G1224 Mk2 Industrial Performance R 3 182 147 45 67 2.4 6

    The tripod originally set to have very tighten screws on the legs. I have to apply very much energy/strength to lift or press the leg (to adjust angles of the legs). Not so practical in field. My G1340 doesn't come with the tool to open or tighten the screws, but when I check the G1224 model in Singapore, it does has the "spanner" for the tripod. I wonder if the dealer forgot to include it? Can anyone who has bought this tripod confirm this with me? I have managed to borrow two "spanners" (yes you need two) to loosen up the screws, and now the legs are easier to lift/press.



    There is a bubble level on the tripod. I notice that not all 3 series tripods has this bubble level. G1320 doesn't has the bubble level, G1224 doesn't has it too.


The wing lock of the G1340 is nice. It is faster to lock/unlock, and not as painful to use as the screw lock. However, if you want to go ground level (80 degree angle), you might need to turn the wing locks so that the wings are not facing the ground. This is to prevent the tripod from resting on the wings instead of the legs. The wing locks might not be as easy to store as those with only screw locks too.

    Haven got the chance to try the tripod in field. I will try to shoot as soon as test the tripod together with my newly bought Nikkor AFD 105mm f/2.8 micro lens. is definitely not a tripod to go travel. Definitely not a hand carry luggage, and one must check the tripod it. I use to carry my Manfrotto 190 tripod on my backpack, but I don't think the Gitzo G1340 is possible to put on my Lowepro S&F Rover backpack again. Think carefully before you buy, as it is really heavy. Am I regretting? now until I test it in the field. I am very satisfied with what I got. I will try get a Manfrotto or smaller/cheaper tripod in future
to go for travel.