Nikon SB-26 Speedlight


This is the best flash back in year 2000, and it still is (in year 2004). The is the best flash for the Nikon F4 camera as it control the rear sync on the flash itself and not on the camera, the reason why I still keeping it as I believe one day I will buy and keep myself a Nikon F4.

Till Dec 2004, I have bought and sold at least 5 of this flash. Just recently in Dec 2004, I have sold off 3 SB26. One of them is my workhorse that has finally give problem on the motor zoom head, which I still manage to sell off at RM350. 2nd hand value of this lens still maintain very well after so many years, at around RM600~700 2nd hand for a mint unit.

25th August 2005: Countless SB26 that I have bought and sold...COUNTLESS? Yeah...till I lost track of it :p The most recently SB26 that I have bought is on the 8th August 2005, at RM400, which I would considered as a very good price for such a feature rich and complicated flash.

The Built

By today's Nikon standard, SB26 is considered as one of the biggest flash among the SB28, SB80dx and SB800 top range. However, I would grade it as one of the most rugged and solid built flash by Nikon. I like the button style in switching ON / OFF / STANDBY of the flash. I find this faster and easier to use, instead of the current PRESS type button. All the features are controlled using buttons, very