Nikon Lens Scope Converter



High Quality Nikon Lens Scope Converter turns Nikon Nikkor lenses and other Nikon Mt. lenses into a High Magnification TELESCOPE, SPOTTING SCOPE or High Powered LOUPE (with macro lenses) with 1/10 magnification of the focal length of the lens. Eg. a 200mm lens become a 20X power telescope.


Image Erecting System (Roof Prism) enables to view all images right side up. Not reversed or inverted. Focusing is done on the actual lens in use from closest focus to infinity. As Nikon stopped making this very useful accessory sometime back it is becoming rare indeed. Image quality is depending on the lens in use. Of course Nikon ED optics will give the highest definition.


For convenient focusing, the Nikon Lens Scope Converter provides a convenient dioptry adjustment ring, with easy adjustments from -5 to +3 diopters.


Original Manual of the Nikon Lens Scope Converter