The Professional ~  N i k o n   F 4


The 4th generation of Nikon professional camera...born in year 1988. Starting with Nikon F, F2, F3...and now the legend continue with Nikon F4...



Year 1998 is an exciting one with the introduction of a new Nikon professional camera. In the following year, with no surprise, it immediately receive the European Camera-of-the-Year and Camera Grand Prix awards.


Nikon announced the debut of the Nikon F4 in Japan (Nippon), the U.S. and Germany in September 1988, and released it in December of that year. It immediately gained excellent reviews from users, and became the camera of choice for professionals and other serious photographers around the world. The F4 is still preeminent on the "front line" of action today, 10 years later, as its performance-driven features continue to distinguish it even among the wide range of AF SLRs available.

Nikon crammed more than 1700 parts, 4 coreless motors, and batteries into a small package, making the F4 an incredible machine. F4 has even more parts compared to the Nikon F5.