Nikon F3

After selling off my F3hp, my temptation of owning another Nikon F3 has never ceased. On the 22nd Jan 2005, I bought myself another F3. Price of Nikon F series film camera has dropped  M U C H ! I still remember in Year 2000, brand new F3hp was selling at more than RM5k in shops in Malaysia, but less than RM1k, u can get a pretty good condition F3 or F3hp, and less than RM2k for a collector condition F3/F3hp. How much did I pay for mine? That's for you to guess... :p


Why I like Nikon F3/F3hp so much? When I first saw a F3 back in Year 2000, my first thought is "what an ugly old camera!" I didn't get attracted by it, nor did I want to buy one. However, after trying out the camera (asked the boss in the shop to show to me), I started feeling the differences in this camera as compare to my FM2 (I bought my FM2T and FM2 Millennium). The rewind mechanism is very much smoother as compare to Nikon FM series of camera. You can use multiple stroke to advance the film. The viewfinder is bright and full frame viewing.


From the information in the net, many suggested that F3 is more suitable for those who don't wear glasses and F3hp for those who are. However, after having the chance to own a F3 myself, I can tell you that both F3 and F3hp are good for glass wearer (I am). You can still see full frame and all the info (very little info on top only) in a F3 camera. This has convinced me to get a F3 myself, and not necessary for a F3hp. With so many still believe that F3hp is "better" the price of F3 is significantly lower than a F3hp, and not so much sort after. What does this means? It means I can get my F3 at a more attractive price :) with virtually no difference in using or viewing.


Another thing I like about the F3 is the mirror lock up feature (though I might not use it at all). It is good to know that I can lock up the mirror during macro photography. In macro photography, the very slight movement and vibration of the mirror at 1/15s will still cause the pix to blur.


The only and many people dislike about the F3 is the slow and weird flash design. Using a non-standard ISO flash shoe, one has to buy a dedicated flash just for the F3, or an expensive shoe converter if you want to use your current flash with TTL. The slow flash sync speed at 1/60s for 1/80s (mechanical shutter) is another reason of not using flash on the F3. Yup, you bet it...I don't use flash on my F3 but a bright/fast lens. I prefer light and easy when using my F3 camera ~ F3 body + 50mm f1.4 lens. More info on F3 flash photography can be read at:


Ok, after some lengthy writing, below are some of the photos of my current F3, sharing with you here:












Oops, did I mentioned that my F3 comes with a MF14 data back? Consider that as a free bonus :)



My Nikon F3 with my lovely like new Nikkor AIS 50mm f/1.4 lens. This is one of the best lens one can have ever wanted, silky smooth focusing and very very well built! I already have the 50mm from my FM2 Millennium set, but still I bought another one for myself (at a smile price :))











Yup, I bought a "52mm SNAP ON LENS CAP" for my 50mm f1.4 lens. Isn't it nice?! No? Fine...I still find it nice :)


July 2005: I sold my Nikon F3 to a buyer from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. His name is Anthony Chew, a very nice guy who also later bought the Nikkor Ais 85mm f/1.4 from me. I plan going to Japan for my PhD study in October 2005, thus have to trim down my photography equipment, as I will definitely not be able to carry all these stuff there, and leaving them back in Malaysia for 3 years or more is such a waste. Might as well keep only those that I would bring over to Japan and sell off those that I seldom use. Collection? I will start my collection after coming back from Japan :)