Nikon DG-2

Eyepiece (2x) Magnifier

May 2006

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Magnifier eyepiece for Nikon FM FE series camera


I obtained an used Nikon DG-2 few weeks ago. Coincidently I have my Nikon FM3A with me at that time, so I tested it with my FM3A and snap some photos of the DG-2 on it for this short article.


The DG-2 that I bought USED is without a rubber eyecup on it. Original brand new set of DG-2 will have a rubber eyecup as well as a back cover to protect the element from exposing.





Nikon FM3A with DG-2 attached. It is quite long extended.

When viewing through the DG-2, photographer can NO LONGER see the FULL FRAME of the viewfinder. I am wearing spectacle, the DG-2 actually allow one to see larger images (2X) and in this case it is exactly the round focus circle (split image circle) in the FM3A.

Too small? Nevermind...if you want to view full frame, the flip the DG-2 to the top. As easy as 1...2...3...


DG-2 flip up in process.


DG-2 all up.


Now pop your eye to the viewfinder and you can see full-frame. Very easy and handy actually.


Here's a closeup photo of the DG-2.


Yes, DG-2 is a MADE IN JAPAN accessory by Nikon. Fully metal built, very durable and of high precision quality.



So...can the DG-2 be used on other Nikon camera? How about Nikon D70 or D200?


The answer is YES!


With a small accessory ~ Nikon DK-22 eyepiece adaptor, you can change the rectangular eyepiece of your camera into round shape, which will fit the DG-2 just perfectly.


Nikon DG-2 sold at is giving away FREE DK-22 eyepiece adaptor.


In other words, Nikon DG-2 + DK-22 is fully compatible with:

Nikon D50, D70, D70S, D100, D200, F80, F70, F65, F60, F55...etc.


Fujifilm S1 Pro, S2 Pro, S3 Pro.




 With the DG-2 attached, the viewfinder is significantly magnified. Manual focusing is much much easier and accurate. However, having only the center magnified might not be very useful to some. So, it depends on your application and shooting style.