AF Zoom-Nikkor
75-240mm f/4.5-5.6D


This is another low cost zoom lens produces by Nikon. I bought this lens together with my F60D for only RM400. I am impress by the focal length of this lens but the build quality is disappointed. All plastic! Even the lens mount is made of plastic as well.

The standard accessories that come along with this lens are a 52mm snap-on front lens cap, a rear lens cap (LF-1) and a bayonet hood (HB-21). With the little money you spend, but many accessories you get, one should be very satisfied with it. This lens is light (plastic), only 410g. The minimum focusing distance is 1.5m. The focusing ring is loose and not so nice for manual focus. The small aperture makes it totally not suitable for MF Nikon, one will find it too dark to focus (I have headache using it on my FM2).

Again, this lens is not mean for professional. The optical quality is not sharp, not so suitable for close up subject, but good enough for portrait photography. For wildlife photography, this lens is considered as a bit too short, however, if your subject is not too shy, you can still use the lens to snap good nice photo.