Nikkor AIS 50mm f1.2 

Fastest Nikkor



~ The story below is my sharing of how did I acquire this fastest Nikkor lens ~


Saw a package of a good deal on Nikon stuff recently (May 2004). In the package, the item that attracts me most is the Nikkor AIS 50mm f1.2 lens. This is the fastest lens in Nikkor lines up, together with the other two Nikkor 55mm f1.2 and Nikkor NOCT 58mm f1.2 (the most expensive one). It is rare or hard to find these lenses in the 2nd hand market, thus I take up the challenge to buy the package without seeing the items myself (through internet and postal service). The risk is quite I gave the lowest offer for the whole package which I think is a handsome deal for me even if the set is not as mint as the seller described :)


In the package, there are FM2n, FM, Nikkor AIS 35mm f2.0 and of course the Nikkor AIS 50mm f1.2. Upon receiving the package, I am quite happy with the condition overall. However, upon detail examination...I am quite upset. The 50mm lens is not a perfect example. It has sign of service history before, which can be seen/detected at the screws. The front and internal glass are clean, but the rear element got some defects. It shows stain of previous fungus attack, which leaves fogging like effect on the glass surface. It is hard to detect or notice, unless at certain angle upon detail inspection using torchlight. If you see through the lens directly or under sunlight, you will not notice the defect. It might not affect the overall performance of the lens, but that just make me feel not so happy as the seller said the lens is perfect and like new!


The Nikkor AIS 35mm f2.0 is also not a perfect sample. The front element got slight coating problem at the edge and there is a white spot (1mm diameter) inside the lens. Again...not very honest the seller...


The FM is the worst among the items. The screen inside is heavily scratched and very dirty. All the forms are deteriorated. I would rate it 6 / 10 condition. Btw, this is a silver colour FM. I sold it to my local shop few days after acquiring it, as the cost of servicing and replacing the screen would be too high for me.



The FM2n would be the best or most satisfying among the stuff. However, there are some fungus inside the viewfinder which make it not so nice. I sent it to my local shop and it shines after the cleaning. I would rate it 8+/10.


Ok, enough talking. Here are some of the photos of the FM2 + Nikkor AIS 50mm f1.2, the most handsome look of a camera and lens IHO :)


Don't ask me on the lens performance...all I can say is that I can handheld that lens at night no problem at 1/30s @ f/.2 most of the time. Heard it is not as sharp as the f1.4 or f1.8 versions, but who cares?!


You do? I don't... :))



Coupled with a black Nikon FM2 that I owned as the same time with the fastest, what a perfect match !!!