AF Zoom-Nikkor
28-80mm f/3.5-5.6D

This is a compact low cost zoom lens that produces by Nikon. This lens comes with the F60D that I bought in March 2000. The market price for this lens is around RM480 (May 2000). The lens mount is made of plastic,  makes this lens not so reliable for long use. Anyway, I haven encounter any problem with it so far. (updated: A plastic mount will not scratch your camera lens no worry. Plus, this lens is light, so very unlikely you will break the mount.)

The diameter of this lens is 58mm, not the common 52mm. The standard accessory that comes with this lens is a 58mm snap-on front lens cap. There is not rear lens cap for this lens, accompany is only the translucent plastic cap. No lens hood provided too.

In term of quality, this lens can't compete with the high end Nikkor lens that produces by Nikon. The lens is made of plastic in most of it if not whole construction, which makes it very light and weight only 265g. This lens is not mean for professional, the optical quality is ok, not so sharp but acceptable. The closest focus distance 0.4m for this lens impress me though. The focus ring is loose (common for AF lens) and makes it not suitable for manual focus. The small aperture of this lens (f/3.5) makes it not suitable for MF Nikon. You will find it too dark to focus using MF Nikon. For the little money you pay, one really can't aspect too much from it.

I am satisfied with this lens though. Although its focal length is a bit short, it still fulfill my need in most of my work. I haven try out the entire focal length of this lens, so if you have any comment regarding it, please let me know.