Nikkor AIS 135mm f/2

The fastest Nikkor telephoto lens!


This is a very rare lens. For my entire 4 years in photography since 2000, I have only seen one of this lens in the 2nd hand market, and that one is now with me in my collection :))


This lens is still available in Nikon product list of year 2004. List price of this lens new in Nikon catalog is more than RM3.5k, street price normally is around 85% of list price, still would cost around RM3k new. Not many can afford this lens and those who bought it will normally keep it for life or use it till broke. That explained why it is so scarce in the 2nd hand market.


I bought this lens from a Singapore seller in Oct 2004, after I sold off my AF DC 135mm f/2.0. I am glad that to have this lens in my collection especially after selling off the 135DC lens, not to mention that the price I paid was only a fraction of what it would cost new (not many can appreciate and know about the value of this germ).


Just like my Nikkor AiS 105mm f/1.8, only my Dragon can match this rare fast manual lens perfectly. Look at how nice the combination of the two... :)



Just like the Nikkor AiS 105mm f/1.8, this lens comes with a built in sliding hood and filter diameter 72mm.




Like the Nikkor AiS 105mm f/1.8, what a nice view from rear! A sudden change of lens diameter from the aperture ring!