Emmanuel Accidentally Cut his finger

5 June 2013 Dr Koh 0

Emmanuel accidentally cut his finger during bath last night by putting his finger into the drainage hole (metal type)…big piece of skin got peel off. He didn’t cry, only very itchy or curious and kept rubbing his finger.Β  […]

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9th March 2013

10 March 2013 Dr Koh 0

What did I do today? Called my usual grass cutter to come trim the grass in my garden. Not very long, but better to get them trimmed to look nicer. RM40, reasonable or slightly on the cheap side. […]

Happy Birthday, my Dearest!

12 May 2010 Dr Koh 3

Happy birthday, my dearest wife! Thanks for taking care of me, taking care of Megumi, take care of the family and business. Thank God for having you in my life, may God bless you, keep you and guide […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

10 May 2010 Dr Koh 0

Happy Mother’s Day to my wife from Megumi… (The carnation was made by Megumi in her childcare school last Friday.) Today’s sermon in church talked about the love of mother and the love of God. Mother’s love is […]

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Megumi admitted to Ipoh Specialist

19 July 2009 Dr Koh 3

Megumi is admitted to Ipoh Specialist today, due to continuous fever for 5 days. I am very down today, worried about her and sad that I couldn’t do anything here. Can only pray to God that Megumi will […]

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Moved to New House!

12 July 2009 Dr Koh 3

Moved to my new house today. The home of Megumi, Lydia and I. Home sweet home, God with us! Jesus Christ the Lord of our home. Thank God for the grace and blessing.

Passover at ShaShinKi

29 March 2009 Dr Koh 0

Passover is one of the most important incident for all who believes in God. Christians believe the old testament in the Bible as well, how God saves His people from Egypt. Passover 2009 is from 8th ~ 16th […]

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Got my house key…God is good!

19 March 2009 Dr Koh 0

Got my house key two days ago (Tuesday). God is good! I only have to pay the overdue charges of around RM750! So much lower than I initially expected! The developer gave me 25% discount from the original […]

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Thank you, God…

1 January 2009 Dr Koh 3

Thank God that my family and I have passed year 2008 safely. Early 2008 we were still in Japan. Megumi was born on 14th June 2007, is now 1 year 6 months old. Thank God for His protection […]

Family photos…

20 December 2008 Dr Koh 0

Took some family photos last few weeks when my wife and Megumi visited me in Johor. Yeah…they are now staying in Perak…I miss them… Megumi has grown a lot…she is 18 months and 6 days old as of […]

Megumi with handyplus on face…

25 July 2008 Dr Koh 0

Took this photo the next day after the accident…the nurse did not do a good job when sticking the handyplus…Megumi’s eyebrows were stuck on the handyplus initially… πŸ™ This it the photo after we removed the handyplus (same […]

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Passed my PhD Oral Examination!

7 July 2008 Dr Koh 16

Yeah! I passed my PhD Oral Examination on 04 July 2008 (Friday)! My presentation was at 10am, one hour. I used up almost all the one hour, or slightly over (65 mins). Q&A for around 30 mins, and […]

Megumi at 11 months 14 days

28 May 2008 Dr Koh 1

Time really flies…Megumi is 11 months and 14 days as of yesterday. Took her photo below…she has really grew up! Thank God for the protection! πŸ™‚ Haha…looks like a boy in the above photo? Nevermind…wait till hair longer […]

Megumi:”Where I went today…”

15 May 2008 Dr Koh 3

Hiroshima Castle…with this gang…(papa is the photographer…) Hondori street in Hiroshima City… Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima City Atomic Dome (previous city hall of Hiroshima City) Papa very tired now…eyes cannot open already…must rest now…goodnight… πŸ˜› (Megumi is already […]

Megumi 71/2 months “old”

3 February 2008 foong 2

Megumi is 71/2 months “old” now. She can sit well and likes to laugh (not only smile, but laugh loudly) without the reason known by us sometimes. Really curious what she is thinking. We will do whatever that […]