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Memory card speed test

16 January 2008 Dr Koh 1

How fast is your memory card? How fast is your camera writing and reading speed? How fast is your computer writing/reading speed? How fast is your card reader? Does it really matter? 😀 A friend of mine, Aaron […]

Goodbye Netscape Navigator…

2 January 2008 Dr Koh 0

AOL has announced that it will stop providing support for Netscape Navigator browser after 1st February 2008. Last version of Netscape Navigator is v9 Once a rival to Microsoft IE and once the best internet browser and most […]

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Nikon Prediction for Year 2008

17 December 2007 Dr Koh 5

I read some predictions in the net on what Nikon will update or comes out in year 2008…really can’t agree with some of those predictions or rumors…so I decided to write my own one here. I have been […]

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Epson P-5000/3000/4500/2500 New Firmware Update

12 December 2007 Dr Koh 0

Epson has just released a new firmware update for Photo Viewer P-5000/3000/4500/2500 that meant to correct the video playback and sound of Olympus E-3/E-510/E-410. The release is in Japanese, but you can download the firmware which is same […]

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Olympus E-3 AutoFocus – WOW!

26 November 2007 Dr Koh 3

I have the chance to try out Olympus E-3 professional DSLR today in DEODEO electronic superstore in Japan. That was a surprised actually, as my main purpose going there wasn’t for the E-3 (didn’t expect they have one) […]

Internet banking user growing…

26 October 2007 Dr Koh 2

Internet banking user is growing furiously nowadays. With more and more people going online, people tend to love settle things online rather than having to queue in the counter. Yeah…the first and most popular internet banking site is […]

Sample photos using Lambency Flash Diffuser

26 October 2007 Dr Koh 5

Here are some photos of my wife and baby using Lambency flash diffuser. With flash, I was able to shoot at lower ISO and higher shutter speed, hence getting sharper images. You probably won’t notice much different from […]

Hello Kitty Hello Megumi

12 October 2007 Dr Koh 1

My wife took some photos of Megumi with Hello Kitty blanket at the bottom. I continue the shots with some higher ISO speed to avoid hand shake. Shutter speed is still pretty low… 😛

Nikon Vibration Reduction Test

7 September 2007 Dr Koh 0

In my opinion, a very important new technology in photography these few years is Vibration Reduction or Image Stabilization or Shake Reduction. It makes shooting at low shutter speed possible, with acceptable sharp and good results. I got […]

ASKA Tripper V Speed?

4 September 2007 Dr Koh 0

One of the most important aspect of a Photo Storage Device is the download speed of photos to the device or so call backup of memory card during shooting. Some device can take upto 20 mins to backup […]

ASKA Tripper V – Dimension and Weight

3 September 2007 Dr Koh 0

ASKA Tripper V biggest target is Epson P-5000 potential buyer, so I did a comparison in size of weight of the two products. The photo below shows the plan view of the two products based on their specifications […]

ASKA Tripper V – Design

2 September 2007 Dr Koh 4

Part TWO from me. Here’s some views from various angles of the ASKA Tripper V. Made in Japan product. Input power is 5V, but the power adapter provided is 100-240V worldwide compatible, so no worry when traveling oversea […]

First Impression – ASKA Tripper V

31 August 2007 Dr Koh 1

This should be the world’s FIRST ASKA Tripper V review in English. I couldn’t find much information about this product in the net…as I have posted in here. So I took the chance to order one unit for […]

Two Nikon D3 ISO3200 images in the internet

28 August 2007 Dr Koh 0

Here’s two photos that have been floating around in the internet that were supposed to be captured by Nikon D3 at ISO3200. I have no idea who is the original photographer, obtained from dpreview Nikon forum. Each of […]

Aska Tripper V = Epson P-5000 Killer?

28 August 2007 foong 5

Aska Japan has introduced a new PSD (Photo Storage Device) ~ Aska Tripper V. Available in 40GB, 80GB, 120GB and 160GB version. 40GB and 80GB are limited edition only available direct purchase from Aska website, while 120GB and […]