3 Mar

Torture…by CHUCK CHUCK

The toughest thing during my childhood…now pass on to Megumi…later Emmanuel…

Can see but cannot eat…what a torture… :p

She found a Chuck Chuck in her bag…


Beginning of a torture…



Think can bite it opened?







Getting impatient and frustrated…



Found a breakthrough on the wrapping…





(I have to jump in to remove the plastic wrapping at the end…)


5 Jan

My birthday, 3rd Jan 2013

Was my birthday…cake chose by Megumi…


Photos took by my kakak…can’t complain now…next time I should use my own tripod… :p



Cake from Seasons, simple but nice. No Secret Recipe as too big for us.


Megumi is enjoying the cake… πŸ™‚


I bought a present…for my kids. πŸ™‚


They are happy, I am happy. πŸ™‚




Happy Birthday! πŸ™‚

26 Dec

Christmas Caroling at our house on 24th Dec 2012 (Mon)

First time inviting people to our house…



Catering by Restaurant Hui Huang. Great food!




Skudai Chinese Methodist Church choirs. With a short sketch bringing out the meaning of Christmas.


The guests.


Megumi, friends and cousins are having fun time with balloons.


We do birthday celebration for Emmanuel as well. Thanks for the Church choirs for singing out the wonderful birthday songs (Chinese + English)!



1 Oct

Baby walker

Got the walker from Japan last time…used by Megumi. Is to train baby to walk.

First round…

2nd round…no assistance this time…

Looking at his mother…

Looking at me…



No help given…so he has to self-help…

Emmanuel:”I can do it…I can do it…push..push…!”

Reached me! Goal!



24 Aug

Holiday Visit

Glad that Megumi’s cousins came to visit us in the last few days. They all are very happy together. I brought them out to Jusco one night, and bought some gifts and cakes for them. One each. πŸ™‚

(Megumi, Da Yu, Da Jo)

Da Yu’s birthday is on the coming Saturday (tomorrow), so we celebrate for him earlier here. We = Me, Megumi, Da Yu, Da Jo. All others already went to bed…

24 Aug

Megumi’s Ride, a new pinky!

We bought this 2 years ago for Megumi. Time flies…from can’t touching the ground till now too small for her. She is like a little giant on the bicycle now.

Also, the bicycle has already shown age on it, with broken paddle, rusting bar, dirty handle, dented basket…etc.

Good excuse for us to get a new bicycle for Megumi.

I went to select one today, her favorite PINK! Didn’t bring her alone, as wanna give her a surprise! Haha…she is happy of course with the new ride.

Yes, I bought the safety helmet for her too, as we now stroll on the roadside during evening, and Megumi’s is on her ride. Can be dangerous without protection. πŸ˜›

  • Bicycle = RM170
  • Helmet = RM20
  • Air pump = RM20

Total = RM210

Happiness = Priceless πŸ™‚

(Visa ads? No, I paid cash.)

24 Aug


Got a free treat to enjoy two drinks and two cakes at Starbucks, so we purposely make a 40mins journey to Starbucks to claim our meal.

First time trying out Starbucks cakes…and wow…it is actually very delicious! My wife said is even better than Secret Recipe and I have to agree!

Megumi is enjoying the food too!

Pink for Megumi…as usual…

We have one strawberry, one chocolate cakes. Both are delicious! For drink, one green tea, one java chip fluppocino.

(Supposed to be chocolate java chip, but they gave me coffee. Nevermind.) πŸ™‚

5 Aug

Home Garden

Went to a nursery yesterday and bought some flowers to plant at our garden.

My wife and Megumi wake up earlier today to do the gardening. This is Megumi’s garden. Yes, the area is specially made for her.

Some flowers were picked by Lydia, some by Megumi.

Let’s hope the flowers can continue to BLOSSOM! πŸ™‚

Matthew 6:29

King James Version (KJV)

29Β And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

25 Jun

New Haircut

Not me, but Megumi. A week ago, only now I have time to upload the photos. πŸ˜›

She is happy and proud! Of course, with praises from me the moment she walked into the door (her mum took her to the hair barber).

Another angle…


21 Jun

Megumi’s Birthday 14th June 2012

Was her BIG DAY! She has been waiting for it for long…counting since May…

I told her she can wear this white dress on her birthday to school. Yeah, she is excited about it! πŸ˜€

We got a special Princess Barbie cake for her. Around RM250, we didn’t get one last year, so we want to get it this time. She is excited about it too! Her mum brought her to Secret Recipe to choose the cake herself. You have to book a week in advance in you want the cake. 5kg!

Not many have seen such a cake…and you can see all children are curious and excited about the cake!

The cake is quite huge. I think is exactly barbie doll size.

Make a wish? Hahaa…she is not sure what is that…

See the present?! Is from Mama and Papa…

Candle lighting…1, 2, 3, 4, 5 candles!

Cake cutting!

Proudly showing off her crown! Beautiful crown I must say. Megumi’s head is quite big, so normal kid’s crown is too tight for her. This is actually for adults, but fit perfectly! Albeit a bit heavy as is metal type.

Now the RM250 question…how is the taste of the cake? See Megumi’s expression below…

Inside is chocolate cake, so is still OK. Outside is actually hard sugar coat, not very tasty…(I being moderate here…)

Megumi delivering the cakes to her classmates.

Everybody happily enjoying the cakes.

Still have plenty left. We didn’t take any home. Told the teachers to share with other children later.

We went for dinner at the evening, and surprisingly Megumi bumped into her friends at the restaurant. The tie belongs to the little boy.