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Lydia, Megumi & Emmanuel

11 February 2012 Dr Koh 0

After bath…can you see the bird? 😛 Sleepy? Feel fresh after bath…good mood… Another angle… Must have Megumi as well… 🙂

Photo Editing in Mac

4 February 2012 Dr Koh 0

Since I now carry my MacBook Air to work and back home most of the time, so I have to force learning to use another photo editing software in Mac instead of waiting till I got to my […]

Homework Time…

3 February 2012 Dr Koh 2

Megumi is now in Kindergarten 1, so everyday will have some homework to be finished. Of course, Lydia is the guardian for Megumi homeworking…since she is smarter than I (I am sure she is going to read this […]

Emmanuel is born…25th December 2011

8 January 2012 Dr Koh 1

Thank God, our new baby, Emmanuel Koh, born on the 25th December 2011. My mother came from Miri, Sarawak, to Johor to help taking care of my wife and Emmanuel, and also Megumi. Yeah, she is busy cooking […]

My wife and Megumi – test on D700

24 April 2011 Dr Koh 0

Some shots taken using my new toy… Megumi in the garden, watering our home plant vegetables. Nikon D700 + AFD 60 Micro: ISO 200, 1/100s, f/5. +0.3 step. I find continuous focus tracking is quite good on the […]

Mama and Baby

15 August 2010 Dr Koh 0

Took few hours ago… 🙂 My lovely wife and Megumi… Took in a rush, my SB-800 was flat without battery…so I have to use the built-in flash to fire and grab a few shots before Megumi went upstairs… […]

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Moved to New House!

12 July 2009 Dr Koh 3

Moved to my new house today. The home of Megumi, Lydia and I. Home sweet home, God with us! Jesus Christ the Lord of our home. Thank God for the grace and blessing.

Trip to Tokyo Japan, 06 Nov 2007

4 April 2009 Dr Koh 0

Here are some photos that I have not posted before… We drove from Hiroshima to Tokyo. Took nearly 12 hours, none stop… 😛 We walked around in the city using MRT, as driving is inconvenient. Parking is a […]

Megumi and Mum…

2 April 2009 Dr Koh 0

Taking photo pose… Smile pose… Megumi:”Mama don’t come!” Megumi:”Uou…” Disclaimer: the above are just made up story, if similar to what you have experience, these are purely coincidence.

My wife and Megumi on MSN

28 March 2009 Dr Koh 0

Still the best video conferencing software in the world. Tried Google video, yahoo video…etc., MSN though not perfect but still is among the best in delivering video quality. (Background purposely blurred in Paint Shop Pro) Megumi is boss […]

Family photos…

20 December 2008 Dr Koh 0

Took some family photos last few weeks when my wife and Megumi visited me in Johor. Yeah…they are now staying in Perak…I miss them… Megumi has grown a lot…she is 18 months and 6 days old as of […]