Servicing @ Peugeot

7 March 2013 Dr Koh 0

They have a new coffee serving machine, free of course. The paper cup has Peugeot printing on it, good brand promoting. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not just coffee, it can serve Teh Tarik too…hahaa…interesting. It took around 2 hours for car […]

My new Logitech Keyboard MK700 / MK710

9 November 2012 Dr Koh 0

Just received yesterday. Still trying to get uses to it. It is a set that comes with a mouse, a nice mouse M705 model with forward / backward, free scroll…etc. buttons. I actually already have that mouse, bought […]

My Armor for the D3s…

6 February 2012 Dr Koh 7

A few things that I added immediately to my new toy are: 1. Hand strap I get so frustrated with the normal strap recently, it always got in the way between my eye and the viewfinder, where I […]

My New Toy! MacBook Air 2001 (Thunderbolt)!

14 August 2011 Dr Koh 0

Just arrived today (4th August 2011)! I am an exciting boy! Have been playing with it none stop for over 9 hours… ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok…not playing…working actually… Here’s some photos of the unwrapping of my toy… (to be update […]

Bought a New PC (DIY)

27 November 2010 Dr Koh 0

Ordered should I say, as haven’t reached my hands yet. New staff joining ShaShinKi’s team, so need to get a PC for her. Will pass down my wife’s PC to the new staff, and get my wife a […]

Nikon SB-800 Speedlight Repaired

6 June 2009 Dr Koh 0

My technician repaired my faulty Nikon SB-800 speedlight. The LCD panel of my SB-800 is not functioning, no word being shown. The SB-800 has been serving me for nearly 4 years, and I bought it used for less […]

New toy? Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave

30 May 2009 Dr Koh 3

Went to the nearby computer shop with my housemates after dinner, they want to buy something, I just follow them. I was there already this afternoon, but did not buy anything. I was toying with the idea of […]

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Stone Age Computer? Come on…

22 August 2008 Dr Koh 3

I read about a friend’s blog recently, that her company is still using and providing her a “stone age” computer for her to use. A Chinese saying:”If you want to have Quality results, you should use Quality tools” […]

Panasonic DMC-LX3

22 July 2008 Dr Koh 4

Panasonic has today announced a new digicam replacing their very unique LX series…the new Panasonic LX3 spotting 24-60mm f2-2.8 wide angle lens! What so unique about the Panasonic LX series? The impressive and only in the world panoramic […]

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New PC – surprise!

5 February 2008 Dr Koh 0

Got a new PC yesterday…what a surprise! ๐Ÿ™‚ They said I am the senior in the laboratory, so the new PC is for me. Yes, there is only one new PC, but there will be another few coming […]

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Nikon Prediction for Year 2008

17 December 2007 Dr Koh 5

I read some predictions in the net on what Nikon will update or comes out in year 2008…really can’t agree with some of those predictions or rumors…so I decided to write my own one here. I have been […]

My wife said “anytime”…

3 December 2007 Dr Koh 3

I have the chance to try out a Nikon D3 yesterday. Yes, this is the currently hottest and most anticipate DSLR in the market. Stock is so limited that everybody is searching for one. Thank God I managed […]

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Olympus E-3 AutoFocus – WOW!

26 November 2007 Dr Koh 3

I have the chance to try out Olympus E-3 professional DSLR today in DEODEO electronic superstore in Japan. That was a surprised actually, as my main purpose going there wasn’t for the E-3 (didn’t expect they have one) […]

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The Star: “UTM a thief’s heaven”

10 September 2007 Dr Koh 0

It is a shame with this kind of title that makes UTM popular… ๐Ÿ™  Below are the quote from The Star newspaper: PETALING JAYA: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) lost about RM900,000 worth of assets such as computers […]

ASKA Tripper V Speed?

4 September 2007 Dr Koh 0

One of the most important aspect of a Photo Storage Device is the download speed of photos to the device or so call backup of memory card during shooting. Some device can take upto 20 mins to backup […]