Bee in the Air…

24 August 2012 Dr Koh 0

Tried capture using my Nikon D3s + AFS 60mm Micro lens. Really challenging. No, Autofocus is not possible. You have to use manual focus, pre-focus on certain distance, and once the bee went into range, shoot! This is […]

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Nikon D800 Sample Photos

14 February 2012 Dr Koh 1

Below are from Nikon website. これらの画像データは、サンプル品で撮影したものです。 これらの画像データの著作権は株式会社ニコンに帰属します。 ©: Benjamin Antony Monn 拡大画像データ (JPEG : 22.57MB) 撮影カメラ D800 シャッタースピード 1 秒 絞り値 f/8 焦点距離 15mm 測光モード マルチパターン測光 撮影モード マニュアル 撮像感度 ISO 100 ホワイトバランス 色温度 (5,000 K) ピクチャーコントロール スタンダード 画質モード […]

Megumi @ Home

3 February 2012 Dr Koh 0

With my new toy…I got excited and mood to shoot again… 🙂 The shot was taken on a D3s + Nikkor AF 24mm F/2.8D lens. 1/30s, f/2.8, ISO 1250 A full frame view   Very sharp and clean […]

CEO of ShaShinKi?

30 April 2011 Dr Koh 0

4 years old…see how serious she is in computing?! Shot on my newly D700, AFS 28-70mm. ISO 3200, F3.2, 1/100s, +0.3EV. I love the high ISO performance of D700! 100% crop view. Still very clean and no heavy […]

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Another Good Reason to Shoot RAW

1 April 2010 Dr Koh 0

After reading the article update of latest Adobe RAW converter and Lightroom offering and example of processing at Nikon D3S, ISO 52,200 Adobe Camera Raw v5.6 (default settings) Lightroom 3 beta 2 (default settings) It is […]

Panasonic DMC-LX3

22 July 2008 Dr Koh 4

Panasonic has today announced a new digicam replacing their very unique LX series…the new Panasonic LX3 spotting 24-60mm f2-2.8 wide angle lens! What so unique about the Panasonic LX series? The impressive and only in the world panoramic […]

More Photos of Nikon D700…

1 July 2008 Dr Koh 0

There isn’t any reason for us NOT to believe that Nikon D700 is real now… 😛 Yeah…FX format…same sensor resolution as Nikon D3, 12.1MP (are they sharing the same sensor? Probably, as the ISO range is same from […]

Nikon D700 Coming Soon?

30 June 2008 Dr Koh 1

There has been rumors in the internet on Nikon D700. The most recent (not so recent…already been a month) is some handphone snap photos of D700 brochures by a printer (will he lost his job for this courtesy?). […]

Sample photos using Lambency Flash Diffuser

26 October 2007 Dr Koh 5

Here are some photos of my wife and baby using Lambency flash diffuser. With flash, I was able to shoot at lower ISO and higher shutter speed, hence getting sharper images. You probably won’t notice much different from […]

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No Canon 5D MK II…here I come Canon 7D!

15 October 2007 Dr Koh 15

It seems like there will be no 5D MK II from Canon, instead they go with a new digit: 7D As recorded in UPC database in USA: Here some specs: 12mp 5fps,Up to 21 RAW files dust […]

Hello Kitty Hello Megumi

12 October 2007 Dr Koh 1

My wife took some photos of Megumi with Hello Kitty blanket at the bottom. I continue the shots with some higher ISO speed to avoid hand shake. Shutter speed is still pretty low… 😛


5 October 2007 Dr Koh 2

My wife emailed me this today: wei…what r u doing har? I’m watching u. dont ular har, must work harder har, i’m a big eater, u hv to buy me a lot milk! :)) (I think I set […]

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A wedding photographer test driving Nikon D3

25 September 2007 Dr Koh 1

See the link below: Though the files/photos are small, but it still amaze me that the photographer used very high ISO is most of his shots. If he dared to use it, I am sure the quality […]

Nikon Vibration Reduction Test

7 September 2007 Dr Koh 0

In my opinion, a very important new technology in photography these few years is Vibration Reduction or Image Stabilization or Shake Reduction. It makes shooting at low shutter speed possible, with acceptable sharp and good results. I got […]