Japanese Friends

2 June 2015 Dr Koh 0

Met 3 new Japanese friends today, Takashi, Ken and Mineyuki. Omiyake (present) from them, very nice biscuit. Hope to have more business collaboration with them in future.

Saturday Night, BBQ Night

25 August 2013 Dr Koh 0

Not sure when is the last time we have BBQ at home…more than a year ago? Two years ago? No…I think it must have been more than 3 years ago. :p Lydia suggested to have BBQ this weekends, […]

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Is Blog Dying?

2 March 2011 Dr Koh 1

Blog…was such a HOT word in in the first decade of twenty century. Now? Facebook is the word everyone is talking about. Where does blog stands? Will it continue to SURVIVE? (I won’t use the word shine now…since […]

Chinese New Year 2011 in Perak

7 February 2011 Dr Koh 0

Spent nearly a week in Perak during Chinese New Year. Went to Teluk Patik with my family. Reached there quite late…and and sun is setting. Of course that’s the magic moment or magic light in photography, but without […]

BBQ with friends

20 September 2009 Dr Koh 1

Kinda like a gathering with my friends today…BBQ at my house. Alvin, Janice, Fu Yong, Ammy, Lydia, Megumi and myself (Kho King). New BBQ tray borrowed from Alvin. Simple and nice to use. Some food as prepared by […]

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An old friend in Japan…Jenny…

11 February 2009 Dr Koh 0

Thanks to Facebook…today I managed to get back in touch with an old friend in Japan…Jenny. She and her family are now staying in SuChow, China, following her husband there. My family and her family have a good […]

ShaShinKi’s Staffs at KLPF 2008

20 October 2008 Dr Koh 6

Yes, we participate in KLPF 2008 on 18-19th (Sat-Sun) at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. From left to right: (Kho King, Lydia Wong, Foon Ngok (Ms. Wong), Hoon King and Aini) It is a tiring 2 days event, […]

Grape Farm Visit in Japan

1 September 2008 Dr Koh 14

We went to grape farm two days ago…really good experience and the grapes are among the best you can get! Can’t even find in supermarket, best quality seedless grapes fresh from the trees! 平田観光農園 お電話:0824-69-2346 営業時間:10:00~17:00 http://www.marumero.com/ Megumi loves those […]

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BlogMalaysia.com – Over 1500 Blogs now!

10 August 2008 Dr Koh 2

BlogMalaysia.com – Malaysia Bloggers Directory! I am happy and proud to announce that BlogMalaysia has over 1500 registered blogs now! In terms of registered bloggers, we have 1698 bloggers as of this second. I wonder why some registered […]

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1 April 2008 Dr Koh 1

A very good story I received today from my sister, not sure who is the original author, do feel free to forward or send it to your friends. 🙂 A GROCERY LIST… Louise Redden, a poorly dressed lady […]

Megumi’s new playground

4 March 2008 Dr Koh 1

Last Sunday, my wife setup a new playground in our home for Megumi. She has wanted to do this for a long time…sorry dear, can only help you do it now. Here’s the new playground…Megumi seems quite like […]

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Thank you, Lord!

4 October 2007 Dr Koh 0

Today marks the exact two years I am in Japan. I arrived in Japan on 4th Oct 2005, together with my wife. Today, God has blessed me with Megumi and my wife is still here by my side […]

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Amazing Grace Movie

30 May 2007 Dr Koh 0

I first heard about this movie when I made my visit to UK in March. My sister told me about the movie, and I saw the poster of the movie on a bus in Glasgow. The song is […]