Taiwan Trip 2016

17 April 2016 Dr Koh 0

Visiting Taiwan 2016 with my family Having breakfast at Singapore airport lounge (free entries) We flew via Jetstar First meal in Taiwan…we went for Ramen as ordered by Megumi.

Family movie day – Inside Out

22 August 2015 Dr Koh 0

Yes, it is a family movie day today. My daughter chose the title, Inside Out. I have no idea what the movie is about until I YouTube for the trailer. Was undecided between Pixels and Inside Out. We […]

Family Trekking, 01 May 2015

4 May 2015 Dr Koh 0

What a great activity to start the holiday! Yes, we went trekking (simple one) our whole family! It is the Balai Cerapan of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). We started our trip at around 8am, quite late already. There […]

Legoland Malaysia Visit on 09 09 2012

11 September 2012 Dr Koh 3

Got free preview tickets from Canon Malaysia, 9th September 2012. About half an hour drive from my house. Is close. Entrance! Family shot More later… Continue on 25 September 2012 The first game that we played…waited for nearly […]

Family shots

7 July 2012 Dr Koh 0

Just sharing some of my family shots today… Emmanuel is excited seeing the camera. Rushing towards me! Megumi with her favorite baby kangaroo (+ two sticker gifts from her mother today). Lydia and Emmanuel.

Family shots

11 March 2012 Dr Koh 0

Have a family shot today… Took by my mum This one took by me… Close up of Emmanuel 🙂

Family in the Garden

11 February 2012 Dr Koh 0

Megumi’s mum just bought a bright red umbrella, so I asked Megumi for some photo session…and of course getting some fresh air in the garden instead of watch TV all day long… Another shot with the umbrella… Later […]

My wife and Megumi – test on D700

24 April 2011 Dr Koh 0

Some shots taken using my new toy… Megumi in the garden, watering our home plant vegetables. Nikon D700 + AFD 60 Micro: ISO 200, 1/100s, f/5. +0.3 step. I find continuous focus tracking is quite good on the […]

Mama and Baby

15 August 2010 Dr Koh 0

Took few hours ago… 🙂 My lovely wife and Megumi… Took in a rush, my SB-800 was flat without battery…so I have to use the built-in flash to fire and grab a few shots before Megumi went upstairs… […]

ShaShinKi Family Annual Dinner

26 December 2009 Dr Koh 2

ShaShinKi Christmas & Annual Dinner Staffs corner… Family… There is even a Santa Claus coming… First dish… No time to photograph others dishes…an enjoyable dinner. 🙂

Family photos…

20 December 2008 Dr Koh 0

Took some family photos last few weeks when my wife and Megumi visited me in Johor. Yeah…they are now staying in Perak…I miss them… Megumi has grown a lot…she is 18 months and 6 days old as of […]

My beautiful pretty lovely cute wife… :)

29 February 2008 Dr Koh 0

Don’t you agree? 😀 Took this photo in autumn 2007. Lovely momiji tree (maple tree) in Japan. We brought Megumi for her first autumn experience also… 😉 She inherits some pretty genes from her mother…  Of course, not […]

Japanese New Year Party

16 February 2008 Dr Koh 1

Japanese celebrates their new year according to the Christ calendar. So 1st Jan is their new year. Every year, local community in Saijyo, Higashi-Hiroshima, organizes new year party for foreigns and locals. My wife and I join the […]