Peugeot 508 & RCZ

24 August 2012 Dr Koh 0

  Went to service my 407…waited 2 hours there…so might as well check out the cars there. Not many variants…and two of my favorites! Both are dark colour, and no…not my favorite colour. Can see scratches easily. Peugeot […]

New Sports Shoes! Reebok!

18 August 2012 Dr Koh 0

Mine was more than 3 years old, a POWER…broken last few days, so today went look for a new pair. Didn’t really have any brand in mind, as long as is comfortable then OK already. Nearest place, Aeon. […]

Toyota 86

23 June 2012 Dr Koh 0

Just read about the concept models of Toyota 86, before the final model of the current production design. Below is one of the concept design, so much beautiful than the current production model. Can read more at:

Peugeot RCZ Facelift

28 February 2012 Dr Koh 1

Some photoshop guru managed to get a facelift to the Peugeot RCZ, which I think is AWESOME! While I like every bit the rear part of RCZ, I really don’t like its front part. It is just way […]

Seeing Peugeot RCZ in Person

25 February 2012 Dr Koh 0

Went a Nasim (Peugeot Distributor in Malaysia) showroom yesterday to see the RCZ in person. Made a phone called, confirming that they have RCZ in their showroom. Arrived there with my wife, and I am surprised to see […]

My Dream Car…Peugeot RCZ

21 February 2012 Dr Koh 15

Got poisoned with this car recently. It is not an ultra luxury car, at around RM220k, still quite prohibitive for me. The look is stunning, killing. The speed isn’t the purpose of buying this car. You don’t race […]

I bought a shoe…

17 January 2012 Dr Koh 0

I guess this is the first time I blog about shoe… I have been wearing my last pair of shoe for quite a few years. I can’t remember for how long already…but my wife and mum said definitely […]

My New Toy! MacBook Air 2001 (Thunderbolt)!

14 August 2011 Dr Koh 0

Just arrived today (4th August 2011)! I am an exciting boy! Have been playing with it none stop for over 9 hours… 🙂 Ok…not playing…working actually… Here’s some photos of the unwrapping of my toy… (to be update […]

My Latest Nikon…best investment!

4 October 2009 Dr Koh 6

My old spectacle is having problem…the leg is almost broken. I made that one in Japan, age only around 1.5 years and costs me quite a lot. No choice, have to do a new one…as I am a […]

My Dinning Table…

25 August 2009 Dr Koh 2

Finally, bought my dinning table last Saturday. Have wanted a 8 seaters table, long rectangular type. Wanted a Lorenzo one, RM3200, too bad no stock available and they said their container got burnt at sea, so delayed stock […]

Three Clocks…

25 August 2009 Dr Koh 0

I asked my sister to help me buy 3 clocks for my house…trusting her taste, and yes I am very pleased with the choices. Living Room (on the wall next to the door bell) Kitchen (very similar to […]