Christmas Carol Party 2015

20 December 2015 Dr Koh 0

This is the food prepared by my wife and my mother before the party started. And we did some decoration to our house earlier too! Love the table cloth bought by my wife, very Christmas feel! It was […]

Easter 2008 – Sunday Service

23 March 2008 Dr Koh 0

We went to Easter Sunday service today (Megumi Kyokai, Saijyo, Hiroshima, Japan) on 23rd March 2008. (My church in Japan – I took this photo a on 16th February 2008) Kato sensei preached about Jesus’s tomb being guarded […]

Megumi Church Family

17 February 2008 Dr Koh 0

My church is having a group photo shot today, going to be used in the 20th anniversary magazine (if I am not mistaken). Just to share with you my brothers and sisters in Christ. 🙂

Winter 2007/2008

23 January 2008 Dr Koh 2

This is the first heavy snow in winter 2007/2008. Not the first snow, but the first heavy snow. Was waiting and hoping to have this kind of heavy snow…glad that finally able to see and experience it “again”. […]

Lion roar!

9 December 2007 Dr Koh 3

Or should I say…Lioness? 😀 My wife went to buy some shirts for Megumi yesterday. Since it is winter time now, we need to get some thick clothes for Megumi to keep her warm.

Megumi Blessing Ceremorny on 19th August 2007

14 October 2007 Dr Koh 0

  Megumi Blessing Ceremorny on 19th August 2007 Pastor: Kato sensei Church: Megumi Church, Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan. Date: 19th August 2007 May God blesses Megumi day by day. Lead her and guide her to fear our Lord and […]

Harvest Japan 2007

9 October 2007 Dr Koh 0

Autumn is always the harvest season in Japan. Japanese rice is what Japanese are very proud of. You can see paddy field always everywhere. No need big space, even a small field of around 3 card parking area […]

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God bless, Martin!

1 June 2007 Dr Koh 0

Martin, one of our brother in Megumi Church is leaving for Philippines today. Received his call this morning at around 8.45am, he was at Kansai Airport. He is going to Philippines for biblical school study for 3 years. […]

Gospel Sharing at Megumi Church

3 May 2007 Dr Koh 0

I went to Megumi Church last night to attend a gospel sharing by a pastor who is a big bike rider that ride big bike across the country in Japan. Here’s the invitation brochure regarding the talk: Here’s […]

08 April 2007 – Easter 2007 (Sunday)

8 April 2007 Dr Koh 0

It is Easter today! Jesus is alive! He died on the cross but resurrected from death and is alive today! The very difference of Christian religion than others is that Jesus is alive! May God blesses those who […]

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Pastor Hayashi

4 April 2007 Dr Koh 0

This might be the last time I am seeing my beloved pastor – Hayashi sensei – in Japan. Today went to church at 8am to help moving house. Though I do not know him well, but his messages […]