Visiting Sultan Garden, Johor Bahru

2 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

Lived in Johor for years but have never been to this place. After we took the Christmas dinner and went back home, we decided to go out again to the Sultan garden (not sure what is the real […]

Emmanuel 7 Years Old Birthday, 2018

25 December 2018 Dr Koh 0

Emmanuel’s birthday is around the corner. We thank God for him. Not sure what birthday gift to buy for him, as he has many toys already that only played for a while. Few days ago, Megumi mentioned that […]

Feeding the Koi @ Pulai Springs

25 December 2017 Dr Koh 0

It is a free evening, so we went to Pulai Springs to see the rabbits and feed the koi fish there. The rabbit feeding time is over (10-10.30am and 5-5.30pm), but we reached there at around 6pm. So […]

Emmanuel the Archeologist

25 December 2017 Dr Koh 0

My wife bought this present for Emmanuel. I initially suggested another NERF gun, but my wife said already have why buy again? She cannot differentiate the different guns…but I am OK with this new thing as well. They […]

Emmanuel’s Birthday 2015

25 December 2015 Dr Koh 0

Today’s is Christmas Day, and is also the birthday of my beloved son, Emmanuel Koh! Bought this Secret Recipe cake, Choco Cheese Berries, RM88. Very nice, but Emmanuel doesn’t like cake, so he just blow and cut. He […]

iPad 2

5 March 2011 Dr Koh 0

iPad 2 has just been announced yesterday…or few days ago? I am not excited. Nothing extraordinary from the iPad 2. I think I would be happy if it adds an USB port there, so that I can use […]

MAHA POWEREX 2010 Christmas & New Year Sales!

8 December 2010 Dr Koh 3

  MAHA POWEREX 2010 Christmas & New Year Sales! Free Bag or Maha Imedion 2400 (4AAI240BH) Batteries! Free Gift/s comes with the following Promotional package/s till 31st Jan 2011 or while stock last only! C204W (Free bag) C401FS […]

Ukimono…Christmas 2009?

24 December 2009 Dr Koh 0

Bought this for my wife? I noted head but she paid… 😛 Seems very popular nowadays, with SHE as their ambassadors. Even Megumi can pronounce Ukimono…ukimono… 🙂 RM7xxnow, Christmas promotion. Used to be RM9xx. What is it? Thigh […]

Trip to Tokyo Japan, 06 Nov 2007

4 April 2009 Dr Koh 0

Here are some photos that I have not posted before… We drove from Hiroshima to Tokyo. Took nearly 12 hours, none stop… 😛 We walked around in the city using MRT, as driving is inconvenient. Parking is a […]

Christmas 2008

30 November 2008 Dr Koh 0

I did a simple Christmas 2008 banner design for ShaShinKi today. Initially it is just a plain .png file. Later I changed it to jpeg for better web compatibility, later I decided to add some snow animation to […]