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12 May 2007 Dr Koh 0

Went to pay the money of “MY” Toyota WISH yesterday (Friday). JPY1,100,000 (1.1 million yen). According to the shop, they need a week to do inspection on the car and arrangement for transportation. At the mean time I […]

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Decided…Toyota WISH!

11 May 2007 Dr Koh 1

My wife and I have decided on the car to get – Toyota WISH! We have found a car from a Kyoto shop. Quite far from Hiroshima and I do not plan to go there to check out […]

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Toyota WISH today…

21 April 2007 Dr Koh 0

Went to a Toyota used car shop today. Saw two WISH there, one is year 2006 model¬ and the other is year 2003 model. The year 2006 model is going for 1.595 millions yens, while the 2003 model […]

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Buying car…

20 April 2007 Dr Koh 1

¬ Hope to bring a car back to Malaysia after I graduate in Japan end of 2008. Have been searching for a good car since few weeks ago…first thought of getting Honda Oddysey, but found the model to […]