My Toyota WISH, 2019

2 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

My Toyota WISH. My first own bought car, brought back from Japan. Produced in Year 2003, I bought it in Year 2005. Brought back to Malaysia in Year 2008. Used for a few years, then gave to my […]

My NEW Ride – Kia Optima K5

20 January 2015 Dr Koh 0

Today is an exciting day! A new ride (old car but just 1 year+ old) from my father! Sent all the way from Miri to Johor, via ship (in a container). Transportation cost alone is already RM3k+. My […]

Peugeot RCZ Battery Changed

5 March 2014 Dr Koh 0

After nearly two years of using, the battery (Varta brand) of my Peugeot RCZ has finally gave in. Not sure what model is the replacement battery, so I asked in Peugeot Club Malaysia FB page, and got recommendation […]

My New Dream Car – Audi A6 Hybrid

21 July 2013 Dr Koh 0

My new dream car…Audi A6 Hybrid. The cheapest luxury car (comparing to BMW 520i, Mercedes E250), at RM280k (on the road before insurance). Malaysia has tax exemption for Hybrid car under 2000cc, hence the low price. Love the […]

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Car Service – 1 Year Interval

21 April 2013 Dr Koh 1

Sent my Car in for servicing at Peugeot yesterday. Took around 1 hour for it to be done, exact time should be 1.4hr (that’s what they charged me for labour fee @ RM90 per hour). Uses Total lubricant, […]

RainX for your Car Windshield

12 March 2013 Dr Koh 2

Saw this RainX at Jusco Taman Universiti, remember hearing this brand in some oversea car forum, so decided to give it a try. RM24.90 per bottle. The inside bottle is like the below. Make sure you don’t tilt […]

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9th March 2013

10 March 2013 Dr Koh 0

What did I do today? Called my usual grass cutter to come trim the grass in my garden. Not very long, but better to get them trimmed to look nicer. RM40, reasonable or slightly on the cheap side. […]

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Washing a Waxed Car, EASY!

8 March 2013 Dr Koh 0

Have by Peugeot 407 waxed last Sunday. Rained yesterday and today, so the car is back to…DIRTY! Can’t tahan the dirt…so pull out a wet cloth and start wiping out the dirt. Yeah I know I should rinse, […]

Servicing @ Peugeot

7 March 2013 Dr Koh 0

They have a new coffee serving machine, free of course. The paper cup has Peugeot printing on it, good brand promoting. 🙂 Not just coffee, it can serve Teh Tarik too…hahaa…interesting. It took around 2 hours for car […]

Finally…have my car Waxed

3 March 2013 Dr Koh 0

Yes, I have wanted to do it for a long time. The paint condition of my car is poor. Very rough surface due to in dusty environment. (Overspray refers to the application of any form of paint, varnish, […]

RM90 Car Wash

14 November 2012 Dr Koh 13

Went for car wash today. My car has been through the recent bad weather recently. Raining almost everyday. White has become chocolate… No favorite or satisfied car wash shop…saw one just next to my friend’s shop today while […]

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Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.

10 November 2012 Dr Koh 0

Romans 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. 1:16 我不以福音為恥;這福音本是 神的大能,要救一切相信的,先是猶太人,後是希臘人。 Sharing… If I have […]

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Buying Used Car in Malaysia

7 October 2012 Dr Koh 0

Some websites that post USED CAR Classified in Malaysia, just thought of sharing. One of the most popular that dedicated to car! With many listings and often show the most listings for the car that I searched. […]

Peugeot 508 & RCZ

24 August 2012 Dr Koh 0

  Went to service my 407…waited 2 hours there…so might as well check out the cars there. Not many variants…and two of my favorites! Both are dark colour, and no…not my favorite colour. Can see scratches easily. Peugeot […]

Self Car Windscreen Repair

7 July 2012 Dr Koh 0

In Malaysia, there is a special insurance call “Windscreen Insurance” for your car. It is not included in your mandatory car insurance, and your mandatory car insurance does not include the windscreen coverage. Meaning, if your car windscreen […]

3rd Petrol Pump

12 May 2012 Dr Koh 2

My third Petrol pump, RM145.50 for Primax 97, 50.174 Litre at RM2.90 per litre, 25 April 2012. Yeah…expensive. Each full tank can last me around 550km. 26.45 cents per km. Hmm…expensive. 10.96 Litre / km. Hmm…costly. Pump every […]