Nikon Ais 8mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens

26 January 2019 Dr Koh 0

This is a very rare lens. Or maybe not so rare because you can still find them at ebay. The lens diameter is so huge that it can hide the whole camera body behind it. Got this lens […]

A visit by Leica

20 November 2017 Dr Koh 0

An avid Leica collector visited us today with some of his collections. Many items were brand new in box and some are very old Leica items that he has more than one copy. More coming soon to […] New Homepage

10 June 2017 Dr Koh 0

My dear website, which was started much earlier than, born in year 2001, has gone through its peak time and low time, now has a new homepage that I redesigned last night to become the photography news […]

Billingham 307

31 August 2016 Dr Koh 0

I have always wanted a Billingham bag for myself, something like a lady wanted a LV? There are many Billingham models, and it is not easy to choose one if you can only have one. Will it be […]

AirAsia, morning shines

17 June 2016 Dr Koh 0

Sunlight shines at early morning, 6.45am. Arrived at 6.40am in the morning, beautiful sunrise on the left, and two AirAsia planes were resting on the right waiting to serve again. Took out my Samsung Note 5 to take […]

My new toy, Nikon D4

20 May 2016 Dr Koh 0

Upgraded the Nikon D3s that I owned since Feb 2012 to Nikon D4 last week. There were some problems with the Nikon D3s that pushed me to the disposal of it. First is the shutter problem. The shutter […]

How to Tell A Genuine or Fake Billingham Bag?

19 April 2016 Dr Koh 0

Got an used Billingham bag today. I am curious to find out if the bad is genuine or not…hence got some info online. Source: Shock absorbing foams – genuine Billingham bags use closed-cell foam to protect your […]

17 June 2015 Dr Koh 0

Sony USA has released new firmware V2.0 for four Sony Mirrorless Camera: Sony A7, A7r, A7S and Sony A6000. This update main highlight has reduced the startup time of the cameras, support new features and additional support for […]