Chinese School Fees in Malaysia…my take.

6 August 2017 Dr Koh 0

My take on the donations, fee…extra expenses in most Chinese School in Malaysia… 1. Compare to Private School, Chinese School fee is still very very cheap. 2. Chinese Schools are not fully supported by the government (but do […]

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Selangor TOLLs – UP or DOWN?

9 March 2008 Dr Koh 9

Now that Selangor has fall into the Oppositions hands…will the tolls in Selangor continue to increase or will it get reduced or demolished? There are so many tolls in Selangor… Or will we get another excuse? What do […]

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Selangor Fallen into Opposition?!!!

9 March 2008 Dr Koh 5

As according to Malaysiakini… Unofficial: Opposition wins Selangor – 12.25am Selangor has fallen into the hands of the opposition. PKR has earlier announced that its secretary-general Khalid Ibrahim will be named chief minister. In Selangor, DAP has taken […]

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Malaysiakini site down…new temporary URL here…

9 March 2008 Dr Koh 1

Everybody must be hitting and refreshing Malaysiakini site real hard…till it went down at this minute. Yeah…that including me that eager to read the latest vote count news… Here’s the temporary URL: Or you can use these […]

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Malaysia 12th General Election = Earth Quake!

8 March 2008 Dr Koh 2

News are coming…Barison National loses more and more seat…DAP seems to have a great win in Penang…though vote count not yet finalize, but many votes have already been reviewed. A big surprise! Penang State Chief Minister has LOST! […]