Banana in Malaysia…cheap!

4 November 2012 Dr Koh 0

Less than RM3.00. In Japan, you can only get one piece. In Malaysia, one bunch. WHO recently announced that due to the decrease of supply in wheat and rice, the next possible best food to replace them is […]

Tomato in our Garden

1 November 2012 Dr Koh 0

Yes…home grown tomato… My wife said got insect bites already, so must quick quick pick for me to “EAT” tomorrow. I hope there is no “half” worm after my first bite (half in tomato means the other half […]

Gardenia vs Massimo

1 November 2012 Dr Koh 0

Which one do you prefer? Both are wheat germ loaf. Gardenia on the left, Massimo on the right. Personally I find Massimo to be more spongy than Gardenia. Softer as well. Yes, nowadays I buy Massimo all the […]

Mango, 2nd RIPE!

31 August 2012 Dr Koh 0

This is our mango tree…small but fruitful! Saw the yellow one? The photo was taken in the afternoon, and at night we decided to KAOTIM it. Unique. Crispy on the outside (not fully ripe?) and extremely sweet inside. […]

Tomyam – the Making

21 August 2012 Dr Koh 0

By Foong Can Cook… Add the soup… End result. It is delicious! Served in our newly bought bowl. Another delicious dish…Ginger pork! Ok, have to jog again tomorrow… 🙂

Tomyam Ingredient

20 August 2012 Dr Koh 0

These things going to turn into TOMYAM later… My wife is a TOMYAM master…hahaaa…. 🙂 Landscape view.

Durian! Again!

18 August 2012 Dr Koh 0

Now you know why I need a running shoe…heavy food…fruits…Durian! My favorite! Aeon sales, 3 packs for RM30. Original is RM24.99 per pack with 30% discount, or 2 packs and get 50% discount, or 3 packs at RM30. […]

Growing Mushroom – Eatable…

5 December 2010 Dr Koh 5

My wife bought two mushroom seeds from UK Farm last week, and grow them at home. As according to the salesman, we can harvest 5 times before the seeds run out. This is Day 1 This is Day […]

Kang Kong found!!!

1 August 2008 foong 2

Ohisashiburi no Kang Kong, eventually found in Japan!! (I saw Megumi’s foot on the lower left of the photo) I know those of you in Malaysia must be laughing at me now, but nevermind, you might not understand […]


21 June 2008 Dr Koh 0

Since I am getting Mozart…my wife must get something too…a red wine…not sure how it tastes yet…not yet opened, might try in a week time. 🙂 Here is the photo…just for remembrance. 😉 Around JPY800 per bottle. 🙂


15 April 2008 foong 1

我的好朋友美燕,她们家以前是开酒家的,她妈妈我叫阿姨,别人叫阿娇,做的料理特别好吃。2007年新年后阿姨就退休了。可是她煮的食物实在是太好吃了,离乡背井的我,常常自己揣摩她的秘密食谱。今天,我做了卤猪耳。虽然不能做到跟阿姨100%一样的味道出来,但是用来安慰一下思念家乡的心,还可以啦。。 想知道怎样做?