Discus Growth

1 July 2014 Dr Koh 0

This photo was taken on 21st April 2014. This is taken just today, 30th June 2014. Two months 10 days. Bulldog gene is showing more on the discus now. Fin has grown bigger. Too bad his partner has […]

Update of my Discus fish

23 May 2014 Dr Koh 0

Took some photos of my discus fish today after water changed. Bought these 4 discus from Forrest last week, and they are doing great! This is a rare straight line red turquoise. The shape is nice, the pattern […]

Golden Discus at my local fish store

12 May 2014 Dr Koh 0

Saw this today, no, didn’t bought as the fish in the tank don’t look healthy…so the risk is too high in contaminating my current HEALTHY tank…which I have gone a long way in keeping my fish health. The […]

Bought them! Not it…but them! :)

21 April 2014 Dr Koh 0

Cannot resist the shape, so brought them home. I think is BRILLIANT strain, or mix of snake skin with leopard. Should be interesting when they grow up. Size is around 3.5″ to 4″ now. Got it at RM45 […]

A nice shape Discus I saw

20 April 2014 Dr Koh 0

Some like it…some might not… But I like it… ­čÖé No, I didn’t bought it…not yet…as the shop is asking RM49.90 for it…I was hoping RM38…

No Image

Lost Six of my discus fish

4 April 2014 Dr Koh 0

My discus tank has been a disaster ┬ásince 2 weeks ago. Tried many methods, changed water daily, use RO water, medicinessss…and till today I removed the sands in my tank to keep the water cleaner. I have lost […]

Discus Fish 31st March 2014 (Monday)

31 March 2014 Dr Koh 0

The fish condition seems to have improved, after I added some medicine to the tank last night. Tried feed them bloodworm this morning, most still have no appetite. No rushing over the food. Just two cubes and still […]

My Discus Fall Sick

30 March 2014 Dr Koh 0

All my discus fish fall sick since 3 days ago. This is how the fish look like 3 days ago. All of them started to group together at corners. Some even laid flat at the bottom. I was […]

My Discus Tank – 25 March 2014

25 March 2014 Dr Koh 0

My 4 feet tank, got around 27 discus fish inside. Yes, a bit too crowded, but is OK. Just have to change water more often, and hopefully the fish will continue to grow healthily. Close up… Until I […]

Golden Crystal Discus

21 March 2014 Dr Koh 0

Finally got my hand on this strain. Golden Discus, some called it Golden Crystal. The one I got is not Albino (red retina) strain, but I love the red ring surrounding the retina! Much nicer than the Albino […]

Meeting Forrest Discus

8 March 2014 Dr Koh 0

I ordered 4 discus fish from a very famous discus exporter in Malaysia, Forrest (Teo) Discus. He is staying in Johor, about 45 minutes drive from where I stay. So he made personal delivery of the discus fish […]

Partitioning my Aquariums

6 March 2014 Dr Koh 0

After seeing TWO PAIRS of my discus spawning, I decide to make a special home for them, isolating them from the others, to avoid disturbance to their next spawn and hopefully will have success of wigglers later. Initially […]

Another Spawn from my Discus

5 March 2014 Dr Koh 0

Was surprised to see another spawn from a different “surprised” pair of my discus. Didn’t expect these two to be a pair. I thought both of them were male. The female fish is a Super Eruption Leopard, while […]

Discus Spawning! But…

3 March 2014 Dr Koh 0

These two have been acting very defensive lately, and I have moved them to a separate tank (20 gallons) few weeks ago together with my other fishes (mixed of different fishes and crayfish as well). Yesterday I decided […]