Changing tyres for my Peugeot RCZ

25 May 2020 Dr Koh 0

Having a punctured two days ago. Got warning in the car lcd panel initially as low tyre pressure, then became STOP TYRE PUNTURED WARNING. I thought was just regular less air issue as I couldn’t find the nail. […]

Emmanuel, at home

25 April 2020 Dr Koh 0

I told him that in future the photos will be good for school use. So now he is very obeying in letting me takes photo of him. My toys during MCO. Zeiss Batis 18mm for landscape or close […]

Emmanuel at Home

7 April 2020 Dr Koh 0

Malaysia is currently have a movement control order, or simply…lock down due to Corona virus outbreak. Kids have been at home for 10+ days. Got a new lens to test out today, Sony G Master 24mm f/1.4 lens. […]

TEDxUTM 2020

8 March 2020 Dr Koh 0

Received the invitation in Nov 2019. Today (7th March 2020) is the actual day. TEDxUTM2020. Met some fabulous speakers there, one thing we all have in common…nervous. Hahaa… When I first got the invitation, I asked myself: do […]

Another RCZ

20 February 2020 Dr Koh 0

Saw another RCZ at the Citroen and Peugeot service centre yesterday. Same manual transmission as mine. Decided to check out the interior and no surprise to see the dashboard leather has peeled off. Exterior wise the car still […]

Students Visit to ShaShinKi

19 January 2020 Dr Koh 0

A meaningful Sunday morning. Have a group of students from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia visiting ShaShinKi today. Glad to share my life experience with them.

My lovely wife

16 December 2019 Dr Koh 0

Just finished gym and was caught by this Fujifilm Instax promoter. Took an instax photo using her mobile phone and printed directly to the mobile printer. Then took another photo using my own mobile phone with us holding […]

Punctured Tyre

13 October 2019 Dr Koh 0

My alphard…tyre punctured and luckily is nearby petrol station. I drove to the air pump area and changed to a spare tyre there. Long time didn’t do such work. The spare tyre is really old (probably 17 years […]

ShaShinKi V2.0

13 October 2019 Dr Koh 0 October, 7th 2019 (Monday) marked a very important milestone for ShaShinKi. After 14 years of using the first generation ecommerce software that developed and coded by myself (Dr Koh) entirely, I have finally moved on to a […]

Garmin fenix 5x plus lcd display

2 June 2019 Dr Koh 0

Love the watch! Initially I was skeptical on the LCD quality, as it is not the most beautiful colourful LCD as in Samsung watch or apple watch. In fact, it is quite dull and fade in colour. However, […]