10 Oct

Puncture Tyre of my RCZ

The puncture has been there for months. I have to pump air to that rear tyre every week.

Finally today got a little time to go checkout the tyre in my regular workshop. A small screw was there in the inner side of the tyre.


7 Oct

Nescafe canned coffee

I don’t really like Nescafe coffee, as I felt that it is less thick, less rich. Too thin to my taste.

Today I decided to try out another can of Nescafe from the nearby 7-11.

Nescafe Creamy Roast

I shake shake it before pull open the can. PHUSHEEEE…some coffee splash out. Rich in bubble. Immediately I siphon some to avoid it over flowing.

Erm…nice taste. Rich and thick. I kinda like that taste. It is rich in milk, and smooth taste. Coffee isn’t too strong, which I preferred. I couldn’t taste the roasted part though.

Will I buy one again? Yes, you bet. RM2.95.

2 Oct

Peugeot RCZ Service & Parts Recall

Went and collect my Peugeot RCZ today. It was ready last Friday, but today only I am free to collect the car.

There are six lion pieces of bill….ya…so many parts and labour work…changed many things…Total cost over RM13k but NAZA waived the bill due to official Peugeot RECALL for the faults. Still quite scary for a 5 years old car…if have to fork out from my own wallet…heart pain…

Below are the bill details.


20 Sep

Peugeot RCZ Repair & Maintenance

Sent my Peugeot RCZ for servicing this morning, then only know that there are 6 recalls for the car. Wow…6! Cooling coil, pressure pump, pressure sensor…etc.

My car starts giving problems like coolant leakage, aircond not cool, engine fault, some rattling sounds don’t know from where, rear driver side tyre pressure leakage, nappa leather starts coming crumpling up, rear driver tail light fault…

I am surprised that my last service in Peugeot Plentong in the end of 2016, nobody mentioned about the recall things to me. The good thing is that Peugeot Skudai admit the problems and do the recall / repair / replacement of parts for free.

Going to cost me some money for certain parts and repair, but still much cheaper than buying new car.

25 Aug

The Ergohuman Office Chair

Used to spend RM100+ for office chair…which I think is already expensive. Bought a few for my office few years back, and those RM100+ chairs won’t last long. Common problems are broken arm (bend to the side), broken wheels (hard to move around smoothly), and poor cushion.

(this is the common executive chair that I bought)

I have always wanted a good executive chair…but not sure where to get. It felt bad when you paid $$$ but end up getting sub-quality products. I don’t mind paying high price if the product is good.

When moving to our new office, I went a find some nice chairs for my colleagues. End up paying RM200+ for a piece, pre-owned chairs that costs RM700+ originally (according to the seller). Condition is good, and I bought more than 15 pieces.

The chair is good, but there is no head rest.

(the reconditioned office chairs)

I have bought a nice executive table for my wife, have wanted to get a good chair for her too but she felt that the price is too high (RM19xx), so we didn’t get it at that time. Yes, I was already looking at the Ergohuman chair at that time.

During the last Raya, I called Amoffice if they have any promotion for the chair. Nope, so no go.

Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG – High Back with Headrest and Mesh

Then early this month I saw in news paper that Amoffice is having Merdeka promotions. So I called them again if Ergohuman chair got any promotion, yes this time. After discount is RM1745 (incl. GST). Saved RM200 from the previous price, so immediately I make the payment and booking. It took around 10 days for them to get the chair from KL to JB. Amazon is selling the chair at over US$600 (convert to over RM2500).

The moment has finally arrived.

It took 10 minutes for the skillful worker to assemble the chair. Looks perfect, no tear, no broken part. All sets to go.

My wife said is comfortable. I am happy. 🙂

24 Aug

D-Link DGS-1024D Gigabit Switch

After weeks of guessing and troubleshooting the internet problem in my office, finally able to zoom in the cause to SWITCH not fast enough to handle the data flooded to the NETWORK (Was using D-LINK 100megabits 24 port switch.). This happened when 10+ computers running in the office, causing intermediate internet termination every few seconds.

Bought a new D-LINK DGS-1024D GIGABIT switch, problem solved. (RM405 incl. GST)

10 Aug

Pre-loved DJI Inspire 1 Pro with 6 Batteries 

What I loved about my work is that I got to see and own such great toys stumbled on my showroom from time to time. 

A pristine condition DJI INSPIRE 1 Pro. Very minor sign of use, no damage detected. Comes with a whopping 6 pieces of batteries for hours of flying! 

Owner said flew less than 10 times, as he used mainly his Phantom 3 Professional for his work. Why?! He said the risk of flying a RM20k drone is too much for the pay he got from his clients, so Phantom 3 Professional is more practical in his use. 

6 Aug

Chinese School Fees in Malaysia…my take.

My take on the donations, fee…extra expenses in most Chinese School in Malaysia…

1. Compare to Private School, Chinese School fee is still very very cheap.

2. Chinese Schools are not fully supported by the government (but do appreciate the majority expenses such as teacher’s salary are paid by the government), so parents are encouraged to help and assist school financially to share the annual expenses and expansion on the physical facilities.

3. There is no compulsory amount of donation. You can donate RM1, RM50, RM100, RM500…or even not donate at all.

4. We chose to send out kids to Chinese School because we believe in its quality and educational system. We want our kids to learn Chinese language. We knew that there will be extra classes (computer class, art, Co-Q, etc.), extra fees, extra payment for air-cond classroom, and even extra homework (be prepared to purchase the workbook). Stop complaining and condenming our Chinese Schools if you want to send your kids there. There are many other choices out there. You don’t want the school where your kids went to being imaged as a BAD / DIRTY school.

5. If we do not help our own school, who will? Take it as part of our responsibility. It is our school, not someone else’s school.

6 Aug

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27 Jul

My First 4K Monitor – LG 27UD58-B 27″ 16:9 4K FreeSync IPS Monitor Review

Got my new 4K monitor today.

LG 27UD58-B 27″ 16:9 4K FreeSync IPS Monitor

First impression is good. Text is very clear. Colour seems nice. Definitely much much better than the Samsung monitor that I am currently using.

No light bleed at corners.

The monitor can show 99% sRGB colour. Refresh rate at 60Hz, good enough for normal internet browsing and daily use. No, I don’t play games…last I played was Final Fantasea VIII and DOOM, more than a decade ago?

Take note though…need a GPU that can deliver 4k resolutions at 60hz. I was using the ASUS motherboard integrated Intel HD 630 graphic, while it can deliver 4k resolutions, but only at 30hz. You will see the mouse moving with trailing edge. Definitely not GOOD for eyes.

I then took the Asus 1050ti graphic card from my wife’s CPU and tried it in my CPU. Yeah, can handle the monitor smoothly (4k at 60hz). So the  card will stay inside my CPU for the time being…

Running Windows 10 Home, and it automatically change the text size to 150%. The other monitor next to it is a 24″ Samsung at Full HD resolutions, so the 150% on that is not so suitable. It is best to have the same brand and type and resolution monitor if you wanted to use multiple monitors.

Now I have a new problem….can the ASUS graphic card handle TWO 4k monitors at 60hz?!

The monitor is factory calibrated with a report attached and serial number stated.

Comparing the new LG 4K monitor with my old Samsung full HD monitor. The Samsung monitor colour is obviously washed out.

21 Jul

Adidas Cloudfoam Ortholite, my new running shoe

My old Reebok running shoe has officially retired last Sunday, with the front mouth opened up like crocodile. 

Have stopped running for 5 days, a good excuse for being lazy without a running shoe. 

Today, Friday, our whole family went AEON for shopping. I went to Royal Sports to get my new running shoe. 

I tried Reebok, a nice design with 40% discount, making the final price RM160+. Quite cheap as compared to others. 

Then I tried Adidas. Cloudfoam type running shoes. There is an immediate difference between the two. The extra cushion (cloudfoam) on the Adidas definitely felt much more comfortable than the Reebok. There is more damping with every step run, so I believe is less stressful to my knees and heels and joints.

I told the sales girl to pack the Adidas for me, but then she said Nike has a good shoe too. No harm, I told her to let me try out. The Nike running shoe is  erythromycin soft and with a very flexible bottom rubber. Costs RM430 with 10% discount. 

Yes, the Nike is indeed very flexible and soft. Your feet felt more connected to the ground than the Adidas. However, the damping is not as good as the Adidas. 

Since I am going to use the shoes for my weekly run, so I decided to go for the Adidas. Rm299 nett price with no discount. 

OK, I shall try out the run tomorrow morning. 

After finished shopping for my shoes, we went to BATA to get a sandle for my wife. Hers was broken few weeks back. 

We end up buying two pairs for her, one pair for Megumi and one pair for Emmanuel. 

Five pairs in total. All happy. 🙂