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Volvo P1800 Seat Belts Bolts and Nuts

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I have always wondered if the seat belts ending parts of my Volvo P1800 is fixed at one angle, or should they be freely moved according to the position of the seat belts.

One day, I saw this Volvo seat belts bolts and nuts for sale at ebay.

Looks like it is the missing puzzle in my seat belts setup. So I bought it at the seller’s asking price.

Got the items few weeks later.

My original setup was a fixed angle fitting of the seat belts to the car frame. While they are strong and firmed, but when one pull the seat belts to the front, it doesn’t look good.

Removing and refitting with the new bolts and nuts were easy, but the original bolts from the ebay set don’t seems to fit into my car, so I have to reused my existing bolts. The most important part is the spacer in between though, and they fit perfectly.

Happy with the purchase and add-on.