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Peugeot RCZ Ignition Coil Faulty

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Few weeks ago, my trusty Peugeot RCZ was having an engine power problem when I drove it from my house to Johor Bahru, which is around 20km distance. During acceleration, I can feel a sudden knock on in the engine. That was in 6th gear. Normally that only happened when during at slow speed but high gear, but not during high speed at high gear. So, I tried push the gas pedal further hoping to give it more acceleration, and then something bad happened.

“Engine faulty: Repair needed” warning light appeared on the screen.

The choking feel continue even at lower gear now. Thank God, I can still drive the car, done fetching my niece and back home.

Opening up the bonnet and I can see the engine shaking heavily in idling condition. Bad, something bad. Kinda worrying, but nothing can be done until the next day.

Called my nearby Mechanic and leave the car there for him to troubleshoot. He has a computer module to plug into the car and read all the faulty codes. Found out that the ignition coils were faulty. Two out of 4 were faulty, so he ordered two for me.

It was weekends, so I waited till Monday to get the ignition coils replacement done. Bill comes up to RM540, RM270 per ignition coils.

Few days later, I decided to change the remaining two ignition coils to the same brand and models as the newly replacement units, so I asked the mechanic to order for me. Same price, RM270 x 2 = RM540.

All 4 ignition coils cost me RM1080, but peace of mind now.

(Just done an online checking of Peugeot original ignition coils, and found that those I replaced above are all FAKE ignition coils. Nevermind, will use them for the time being, hopefully can last. )

I also bought 4 new spark plugs and changed them. Original Peugeot plugs that cost me RM230 per set of 4.

Everything is smooth and fine now. Happy with the repair.