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Volvo Tail Light Lens Seals for P1800

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Ordered a set of original design Volvo tail light lens seal for my P1800. Got it few days ago, and decided to install it to my car when free.

I didn’t know my existing one was not original design, until someone in the Facebook group pointed it out when I shared my photos. Below photos are my original design, actually they don’t look bad at all.

The tail light housing has to be removed from inside the trunk. There are two screws inside that need to be unscrewed.

The existing one in my car was a generic rubber cover, while the made to original Volvo has better seal for the body contour and the tail light housing.

During the first round of installation, I did it wrongly. Looks really ugly and unmatched.

Google some photos, and asked in Facebook group, found that I have to reverse it. I did tried before, but the rubber is too big to fit.

I decided to cut the rubber by almost an inch, in order to fit it nicely onto the body contour and the chrome tail light. Below is the correction installation.

Doesn’t look much different from my initial one, but this original design has better water sealing due to its design that cover the body contour.

Improving my Volvo one part at a time…