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Steering Coupler + Rear Brake Level + Clutch Pump of my Volvo P1800

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Today’s car project is a long list. Can’t do it myself, so I drove to my nearby workshop to get their professional service.

1. Changed steering coupler

I tried myself, not easy as needs a few tools. I am glad that I didn’t try further after seeing how the mechanic did. The coupler already broken, looks like it can break off at any turn. Kinda scary to drive around as the steering of the car was heavy. The old bolts and nuts used are not original design I guessed, as the set I bought that comes with the bolts and nuts are different.

Not easy to get the 4 screws out. Need the correct tools.

I ordered the coupler from ebay, it is not only use for Volvo car, but for boat too! Comes with 4 screws and nuts, good price with free shipping within USA.

2. Changed clutch pump

Glad to have this changed.

The clutch pedal in my car was acting weirdly. I have to press the clutch pedal till the very end in order to disengage the gear, else there will be a hard grinding sound when I try to engage the gear. Very bad. The mechanic told me that there is a slight leaks, so advise me to change. Bought a new set from USA. The fluid is brake fluid DOT 4 type.

After changing, the mechanic has to bleed the air out later. Clean fluid and very smooth clutch feel now.

3. Changed handbrake level in the brake drum of both left and right rear wheels.

This is the broken level by the previous mechanic without informing me. Won’t be using his service anymore unless it is really necessary.

This requires powered tool to remove the tyres and wheels. Later need to adjust handbrake levels to ensure correct tightness.

I also bought a brake drum cleaner, asked the mechanic to help me clean the drum before reassembling the set. Below photos are from previous work before cleaning. Can see lots of dust and dirt on the left photos. Right photo was cleaner.

These were after cleaning.

Almost all the parts in the rear brake drum have been changed, including a new drum. New brake pump, handbrake level, brake pads, springs, holder…etc. After test drive, I found the brake to be much more confident and no sway.

The mechanic has to do some adjustment on the handbrake cable to ensure it is not too tight or loose on both wheels.

The rims / wheels were initially a 4 holes type, converted to 5 holes by the previous owner. A sexy Japan WORK rims, I am lovin’ it! The wheel caps were recently repainted too, RM60 a piece x 4.

A lengthy work from 11am till 4pm. RM200 service charge well spent.