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Fuel Filter Changed for my Volvo P1800

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Ever since I sent my Volvo P1800 for fuel sender servicing, I knew I have to change the fuel filter due to the drilling, gluing…etc. of the sender and tank. Dirt and metal particles are bound to drop into the tank and captured by the fuel filter.

The previous fuel filter was changed by me when I bought the car a year ago. I bought a Hengs filter, quite huge.

The new fuel filter that I bought is from BOSCH. Significantly smaller, but should do the job right.

Changing was easy, just remove the hose from both ends. However, I forgot that there are some fuel left INSIDE the filter, so when pulling out the hose, fuel flowed out and wet the floor. I noticed some dirt from the enter part of the filter.

I bought a rubber mat for another project, but since I only need a little, so I cut out a piece for this fuel filter grip, to avoid scratching on the filter and more grip to hold it.

Another small improvement but big satisfaction!