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Replacing my Volvo Brake Drums

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My Volvo has been in the workshop for more than a month for the gear box oil leaks issue. When it was almost done, my mechanic said the rear left brake was leaking oil.

That was repaired and replaced with a new brake pump in June 2023 in another workshop. Didn’t expect it to fail so quickly! Anyhow, I still have a spare, as last time the other workshop was not able to open up the brake drum on the right side, so I have it left unused.

It took a great effort for the mechanic to remove the brake drum this time. He said he has tried knocking, oil lubricating, and even burning / heating, but the drum just won’t come off. So he has to specially fabricate a drum remover tool for my car.

He said not cheap, but I am not sure how much it costs. To purchase one from VP-Autoparts will cost USD199 before shipping, so I hope his local DIY one is cheaper. Anyhow, I am grateful that my mechanic is able to go the extra miles to help me settle the brake drum issue. By the way, I bought a pair of new brake drums too, as the rear left brake drum has chipped off a big piece during the last service. Better get a new pair to replace both left and right. Cost me USD219.90 for a pair, before shipping. The drums are heavy, shipping is expensive from USA back to Malaysia.

My mechanic told me that the brake booster is leaking oil as well. I asked him to try dissemble the brake booster, see if he can repair it or not. He did tried, but said can’t be repaired.

I searched around, comparing the price in USA vs Skandix Sweden. For the price in USA, I can get the better quality model from Skandix. However, shipping is quite expensive from Skandix, which cost EUR 95 for a standard max 25kg box. I paid EUR 426.01 for the brake booster. This is the “High grade european made brake booster which is very equal to the original part from the 1960s.”

High grade european made brake booster which is very equal to the original part from the 1960s.

The Brake Servo is equipped with a true to original bracket which fits exactly to the prepared mounting points* at the vehicle.

Supplied with a non-return valve inside the hose stud and pre-mounted studs for the brake lines.

Suitable mounting parts: 3x Screw 1011142 + 3x Spring washer 1011167.

Additional parts for retrofitting the brake servo at the P1800 Jensen: 1m 1021051, 1×1052640, 2×1045596, 1×1020302, 1x 1033168.

*At the Volvo P1800 these mounting points are always prepared. At the Volvo Amazon only a few vehicles with front disc brakes already have the holder bracket at the wheel housing.
Additional parts for retrofitting the mounting points at the Amazon: 1x 1072964, 4x 1031982, 4x 1011168, 4x 1027921, 4x 1011173


There are cheaper options available, but since I am paying so much for the shipping already, I might as well get the best model instead of the cheaper knockoff.

The brake booster is still on the way from Sweden to Malaysia as of this writing, via DHL express. I hope to get it soon!

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