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Jaguar Mark II in Sabah

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A rare Jaguar MK 2 appears in Mudah.my. A car that I still dream about. Saw one in FB in Sept 2023, but condition not so good.

My urge to get this Jag has died down a little, after dreaming about the BMW E9 coupe. Still, when looking at this Jag, the lines and curves just look so good!

I contacted the seller to ask for more photos, as mudah photos are small and poor.

Seller said still needs some minor work, engine is leaking a bit of oil. Minor surface rust.

From the photos, the car does looks great! It is located in Sabah, will be difficult to purposely go there and see / check out the car.

Below is a short driving video from the seller:

Got underneath video

Update 07 Dec 2023

I contacted a friend in Sabah to help me check out the car and take some photos + videos for me.


Update 13 Dec 2023

I have rejected the idea to purchase the Jag, then saw the seller posting it up at FB. Higher resolution files vs the mudah ads, so here I updated my post.

Some of the reasons why I didn’t buy the car:

  • Missing/replaced some original parts: Carburetors, radiator, interior woods
  • Seller asking RM115k, I gave him my offer of RM108k. He rejected. RM7k isn’t that much, but still I felt that if the car is mine, then it will meet the price I am hoping for. It will be easier and nicer for me to tell people that I paid RM108k for it, or less than RM110k, rather than RM115k.
  • All the gauges are faulty, except the speedo and volt meter. Fuel gauge not working will be same as my Volvo P1800 last time, will need a spare fuel carrier inside the car, and can break down anytime. Bad feeling and insecure for sure.
  • Interior will need re-upholstery. Carpet, trims…etc. That can easily cost RM5k-8k.

On the other hand, is this a good investment? A few things to consider when investing in classic cars: Design, rarity, price.

Mark 2: 83,976 produced between 1959 and 1967, split as follows:

2.4 litre – 25,173
3.4 litre – 28,666
3.8 litre – 30,141

240 and 340: 7,246 produced between 1967 and 1969, split as follows:

240 – 4,446
340 – 2,788
380 – 12 (not a standard production option)

So, in total there are a total of 91,222 units produced worldwide with the same body shell design. Not forgetting the Daimler V8 250 model, which is the same body shell but using Daimler own 2500cc V8 engine, that has a total production number of 17,600 units.

So, together there is 108,822 units of the same body shell available worldwide. Not a rare model for sure. (In comparison of my Volvo P1800, there was only 47,492 units from 1961 through 1973. That is why my Volvo is 50% higher price than this Jag now in Malaysia market, fetching at least RM150k)

In terms of design, the car is definitely very distinguishable. Either love or hate it on the first look. My wife said it looks fat, like all eyes and nose pushed to the centre. Quite an accurate descriptions, so it is either loves it or hates it. However, it is also the distinguish look that represents the trade mark of Jaguar from the English empire from the 60s. The Queen’s car.

A week later, the dealer counter offer RM108k to meet my offer, but I have already decided not to buy the car due to Chinese New Year holiday around the corner which normally incurs much spending.

Few weeks later, I saw the car written as sold in Mudah.my. Still missing it and a bit regret of not buying it.