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Repairing my Volvo P1800 Gear Box Oil Leaks

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After solving the engine oil leak problem of my Volvo, I still noticed oil stains on the floor of my car porch. It is very clean oil, so suspecting from the gearbox. I have bought a set of gasket overdrive kit long time ago, and finally put it onto use.

After months of driving, I finally decided to send my Volvo to my trusted workshop for gearbox oil leak problem 5 weeks ago. Initially I thought it was just a simple work, but later only I realized that it is actually quite a big job, having to take the whole gearbox down from the car.

Two weeks ago, my mechanic has done the parts changed and resembled the gearbox back to the car, but after test drive, he still found leaks. So, he has to take down the gear box again and recheck the leaking part.

From the above photo, the clutch kit was fine in the first disassembly. I guessed it was broken during the 2nd disassembly.

Upon further disassembly, he found a faulty bearing. Not perfectly smooth, so I ordered a new bearing as replacement. I googled for the model number online, and managed to find one selling at shopee by local seller. First time ordered the wrong one, without R, so have to return it and ordered another unit, with R. R is with grooved ring for locking. Happy to find this part locally, as overseas + shipping is going to be 4 times more than what I paid locally at just less than RM60. SKF is one of the largest bearing maker in the world.

Upon checking the progress 3 days ago, I found one of the clutch kit has one blade missing. Asked the mechanic and he said still can use. I posted in FB Volvo group, everyone is suggesting changing a new set. So, I ordered a set from ebay. The amount of work involved in removing the gearbox is much more than the cost of buying the clutch kit.

Ebay seller is selling at the lowest price, vs others.

Now just have to patiently wait for the parts to arrive, then only send to my mechanics for assembly.

By they, I found a bad rusty spot in my car, beneath the driver side right behind the front wheel.

I dig and more dust revealed beneath the paint. Below is the final results. I am sure more still yet uncovered.

I asked the mechanic to help me get a welding man to help repair that.

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