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Dell Alienware Aurora R16 Review

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Received the Dell Alienware Aurora R16 few weeks ago. It came in a really huge box, securely packed. It arrived on the 6th of Oct 2023 to my office in the morning, only 3 days after I placed the order.

I immediately brought it back home and assembled it with my boy. My Volvo P1800 trunk was able to accommodate the size of the box.

My boy has been complaining on the speed of our old DELL CPU that I bought 2nd hand. It was OK for word processing, but too slow for gaming. So, a new computer is promised, with the condition that he can only play games after 4pm during school days.

Setting up the CPU was pretty easy and straight forward. The set came with a wired keyboard and a wired mouse, which we are not going to use, as we already have a set of really cool Logitech gaming keyboard and mouse.

The CPU comes with some really cool LED lighting. The liquid cooling was cool too! Inside the CPU it is very clean design, little to no wiring messing around, which is great for air flow. I chose 64GB RAM (32GB + 32GB) but too bad it is not the Kingston HyperX LED type. The max out RAM makes no excuse for slow performance anymore. Graphic card is the RTX 4060, and it is brightly light up inside. The huge fan behind is RGB type.

The computer is almost silent, can’t really notice any disturbing sound from the CPU at all. My DIY CPU is much more noisy, which can become quite annoying at times. This is one of the reason why I chose branded CPU instead of DIY again.

Added RM100 for licensed Microsoft office student 2023 software, which worth every penny.

I tested one of my favorite photo software, Topaz Photo Ai, and I am impressed. Processing speed is much faster than my old one in the office.

My boy is happy with the new CPU. He can play his games in full screen now instead of just a small window in the previous CPU due to poor graphic card and processor and RAM.