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Volvo 122 Two Door – Bought and Unbought…

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It was an exciting day yesterday. I have finally saw my dream car, the Volvo 122 two doors.

The car came all the way from Selangor to Johor, via a tow truck that cost me RM1000 towing fee.

It arrived at around 11am in the morning, towed to the side road of my house.

The condition of the car was not as good as I thought. In fact, it was quite bad. Definitely a project car. Engine starts beautifully though, but carburetors were rough. Later only I found out that there is no oil in the SU Carburetor. Bad job by the previous workshop.

Driver side door was faulty, cannot be closed.

There are sign of leakage inside the car. Floors were wet on both driver and passenger sides. Upon lifting the carpet, the floors were rusted and have holes in them. Need replacements.

Passenger side fender was damaged with some knockout above the tyre. The owner can’t remember that damaged part, so guessing that it was damaged while in the workshop or during towing. Body paint was bad here and there, needs a total repainting job for sure.

I was really excited about this project, and I don’t mind the current condition of the car. However, I don’t feel like paying RM50k at its current condition. It is not just a paint job work, but metal work, parts, and time involved.

Met the owner in the evening at around 5pm. We went to check the car together at my house. I explained to him my observations, explaining what are the missing parts and what work needs to be done. I offered him RM25k for the car in its current condition, he counter offered RM40k, and later 35k. We handshake the deal at RM28k.

I was really excited with the purchase, ad it shall be a nice project for me in the coming months. I expect to put around RM20-30k for the project, so making the car costs around RM60-70k.

I transferred RM5k to the owner later yesterday night, making atotal RM10k deposit for the car, as agreed verbally balance to be transferred once name change is done. I even book Puspakom inspection the same night, can’t wait to finally own the car!

Bought, and unbought.

Today, I received a phone call from the owner at around 11.36am. He wanted to cancel the deal. He said the price was too low, and he still missed the car, so he didn’t want to proceed. I was really disappointed but I just have to respect his decision, since the car is not mine yet and name has not been changed. He refunded the full deposit + towing fee + Puspakom booking fee to me, total RM11150.

Should I counter offer him higher price for the car? He mentioned that someone is willing to pay RM50k for the car in its current condition. If this is the RARE 123GT version, then I wouldn’t mind paying that much for it, but not for a common 122 two doors that has over 300k production units worldwide.

As at this moment, the car is still at my house. He will arrange tow truck to come tow the car back to Selangor.

So close yet so far…

Update 5th Oct 2023 (Thursday)

Saying goodbye to the car. Owner has arranged tow truck to tow the car back to Selangor today. Drove the car one last time to the office to let the tow truck tow it up easier.

The driving experience of the car is actually pretty good. Inside is spacious, steering is easy to turn, much easier than my P1800. It is actually quite a comfy car to sit inside and drive around.


Some interior photos of the car

Engine Bay

Paint peeling parts on the hood and roof. Underneath red colour, looks like old paint is red. The previous painter just painted the new deep blue over the red, that is why it doesn’t last.

Final photos, up to the tow truck.

I thank God for the experience and journey. Maybe the work required is too much for me, God’s plan is always the best!