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Volvo Seat belts

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Bought this Volvo seat belts in May 2023, thought of replacing the one in my Volvo P1800 to make it period correct. Production date Nov 1966.

Spent some time cleaning it, and I just can’t believe how dirty it is from the over 50 years of usage or storage. The water immediately turned dark after with the belts in it.

When I first received the belts, they look like brownish colour. After an overnight deep soaking in detergent, and several rounds of scrubbing, the true colour appears. It is like silver, light blue shinning colour. Very very nice!

The locking handles have some rust on them in several parts, I used Rust Converter and painted over the rusty locations, to stop the rust from expanding.

The hook for this first generation Volvo seat belts is just a simple design, nice and interesting.

I tried installing this old first generation Volvo seat belts to my car, but the hook wasn’t able to get installed. The bolt that comes with it is too short, and the current bolt that I used for my 2nd generation seat belts though is a tad longer but is a little bit too short as well, due to the thickness of the hook.

This is the 2nd generation seat belts from Volvo in my current P1800.

I am keeping the first generation seat belts for my “future” Volvo.