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Another Volvo P1800 Tachometer from ebay

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Got an email alert from ebay, stating that there is a new listing of an volvo 1800s tachometer. No, the previous unit that I got from Nick isn’t functioning.

Clicked the link, saw the item, checked the descriptions…it is written as:

Rebuilt internals and tested to work.  Slight etch in glass pointing towards 6k RPM seen in last picture. 

Is this a really working condition Volvo 1800S tachometer? Deep in my heart, I am suspecting either the wiring of my P1800 is faulty or all the tachometers that I bought are faulty…

I wanted to have a working tachometer so bad! I want to see how the car rev when I pressed the pedal.

From the photos, the condition of the tachometer looks great! I hope it is really a rebuilt working unit. There are 3 people watching, I don’t want to have this unit slipped away from me. US$174 is actually quite cheap for a working tachometer.

Pressed the buy now button and paid via PayPal. I hope this time this one works. In Jesus Christ name I prayed, amen.