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A Rare Deep Blue Volvo 122S Coupe 2 Doors for Sale

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A friend in KL wanted to sell his deep blue 122S coupe for an attractive price, but there are some work that need to be done on the car. He mentioned that the hood need repainting. There are some chromes missing as well: Hood trim spear, Volvo Letters, door and windows chrome trim, 122S badges (left and right), front bumper guards.

The owner said he met an accident due to brake failure in 2020, sent for repairing work and after that didn’t drive much. Parked outside and under sun / rain, so paint condition isn’t great now. The missing chrome parts was after the repair. The accident has caused the windscreen cracked as well.

These are the photos before the accident, can notice the chrome bars and VOLVO lettering on the hood.

Interior looks good still on the car. Red is lovely. The upholstery design and quality seems great! Similar to the real white 123GT that I have seen before.

The silver 123GT in disguise wanted over RM120k, so making this deep blue one a good deal.


Got a set of new interior photos from the owner. Slight tear/torn on the driver seat. Overall it does look very neat and clean.

Original car ownership certificate (top right and left are from the old registration certificate, while the bottom one is the current smaller design by the current owner):