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A Rare Volvo 122s 2 Doors Coupe for Sale in Malaysia

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The 2 door version is always highly sort after and not so often seen in Malaysia market. A seller is currently selling it at Facebook marketplace.


Deep blue paint job, not really to my liking, but is still a cool car. Engine compartment looks neat and clean. Seller is asking RM95,000 for it, quite a high price in my opinion. A very nice restored unit 4 doors 122s is going around RM40-60k, and an used one can be had for less than RM20k. Although 2 doors is rarer in Malaysia, but worldwide production of 2 doors is actually much higher than 4 doors, so it is not really a rare model worldwide, unless it is the 123GT limited model (VIN number starts with 133xxxx).

Still, this car looks nice. Worth considering or give the owner a call if you wanna buy.