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Volvo P1800 Brake Cylinder and Brake Pad Replaced

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Car brake was having issue. Brake cylinder was leaking, making it almost no brake. There were brake fluid on the car porch, and when I took closed up photos of the brake drum, I can see oil stains leaking from the top to the bottom.

I ordered some parts from USA, took 2 weeks to arrive. Below are the list in USD.

Later only I found out that the first item, Hardw.kit Brake shoes 122 69-70/1800 69 Part no: Q504 was wrong for my car. The top and bottom springs were a bit too long from Part no: Q504

Today I sent the car to a local mechanic to install. The tough part was to remove the drum from the car. Left one with brake oil leaked was an easy work, separated within 15 mins.

Right one was really tough. They spent few hours and finally declare defeated.

Below are the photos of the newly fitted brake cylinder with new brake pads and some holders. Only the top and bottom springs were reused from the old one.

Adjusted and I test drove just now with some hard braking. Seems fine and similar pressure left and right with no skipping or swaying. The workshop charged RM100 for the task, well worth spending.

Happy with the outcome. Am missing driving the car, so will be back to road and work again tomorrow.