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Volvo P1800 Fuel Sender Leaks

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My car fuel gauge was showing E, so I went for a refuel yesterday.

Pumped my car fuel tank to full yesterday, then noticed a strong petrol smell inside the car.By the way, the needle does not reach F line in full tank. Just a little after middle line. I pumped around 30L fuel, which means the tank still has around 12L left inside the tank when the needle was showing E line. Not very accurate and adjustment is needed I thought to myself.Back to the strong petrol smell inside the car. I checked the tank in the boot, the sender seal is leaking. The glue used was not fuel proof. Called my mechanic and will send the car to him to reseal. Will need a drilling and welding work, hence is beyond my ability.

Noticed that the fuel gauge doesn’t show F at full tank. I suspected the float does not rise high enough to give the correct reading. The sender has a higher position on the new tank than the original tank.

Thought about it last night and decided to DIY the sender float level before sending the car to my mechanic tomorrow. This morning I opened up the sender and bend the float to have it adjusted to the lower position. Lower so that the float will reach higher position when the tank is full. Tried twice and I am satisfied with the reading now. It should also means that when they needle shows E, it should have less fuel left.Life lessons I learned from owning this old car are patience, strong will and never give up. Problems will be discovered from time to time, and if people can built the car in the 60s, you can definitely solved it today too. Every little problems that had been tackled come with a great reward of self satisfaction.