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Working Seat Rails for my Volvo P1800

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The front driver seat rail of my Volvo P1800 is faulty since day 1 from the previous owner. I only knew about it when the reupholster told me about it, and it is quite difficult to repair. Searched and tried repairing it myself without success. The ball bearings inside the rails were broken or stuck. I bought some ball bearings myself hoping to insert them to the rails, without success.

Few months ago, to be exact, Feb 2023, I saw a pair of the seat rails for sale in ebay.com. The seller was asking USD299 for the pair, way too expensive, and I counter offered him US$99 and got it. Plus shipping…it costs me around RM650 for the pair.

The pair is actually on the same side, both are for the passenger side of LHD car in the USA, which translate to driver side for UK or Malaysia RHD car. This is what I want, though I only need one, not two. Anyhow, I am still happy with the purchase.

The rails were pretty dirty and rough when I got them. I soaked them in WD40 oil, use also engine grease cleaner to clean them, sand the rusting part, and finally dried and lubricate them with oil. I didn’t take photo of the after cleaned one though…I thought I did.

I got the seat rails in Feb, but not until today only I managed to install it to my car, with the help of the local mechanic workshop. I don’t have the tools to access the nuts at the bottom of the seat myself, and I am too lazy to do the work, so I get the local mechanic to help me out. I thought of going back to the reupholster, but happened to be at the local mechanic workshop today to repair the air vent leaking problem, so I asked him to help me out in installing the rails. I am glad that I asked, as he did it for me at just RM50 including the air vent seals!

I tried adjusting the seat just now, super smooth! I am really happy with the replacement rails, and another great improvement to the drivability of the car by ANYBODY of ANY HEIGHT! Maybe one day my kids will want to drive it and they can adjust the seat position so that their feet can reach the pedals safely!