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My Story of the Volvo P1800 Classic Car

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I got attracted by classic car two years ago when chance upon a Facebook video showing a very old Mercedes benz batman model.

A sunny morning 2 years ago, as usual I drove to work and passed by the coffee shop nearby my office, I saw a very unique old white classic car parked outside the kopitiam. It was like the car in James Bond movie, but with a Volvo logo on the trunk.

Volvo? I have never seen a Volvo in such shape. A typical Volvo impression in my mind is always the boxy square uncle type, not curvy low rider like the one parked there.

I parked my car in my office, did some work and then walked to the kopitiam hoping to check out the car in person. Too bad it has left. Regretted a bit, thought that I should have went earlier.

Few months later, I saw the car again, at the same kopitiam. This time I was able to see the car up close. Front and back. What a sexy beauty! It was the Volvo P1800.

I Google for the car model, and check all the website and Facebook and YouTube, to get as much info as I can. I tried to find one if it is available for sale. There were a few units sold few months before, I wished I have searched for it earlier. Then there is one green color unit for sale in KL, a bit too far and color not to my liking.

I then found an article in the internet interviewing a car collector Johor Bahru. That article was written 10 years ago. The car collector has an unique name, and I tried searching his name in Facebook and viola! I managed to get in touch with him. He was staying in Johor Bahru and I told him my interest in checking out the car, when he was free.

The owner did sent me some photos and videos of his car collections, really impressive I must say. The Volvo P1800 that he has is in black color, stunning looking with red upholstery.

I went to check out the car a few times, took many photos, dreamed over it in countless nights…and finally stroke a deal with the owner.

I bid online for a new car plate number, as the owner wanted to keep the old plate, and I got SYP1800 for my new car. SY = SAYA, P1800 is the model of the car.

My Volvo was registered on the Malaysia day, 16 Sept 2021. A year plus into the ownership, I have learned a lot in the mechanical part of the car. Did a bit of restoration here and there, bought quite a lot of parts and tools for the car. Learn and experience car like never before. Broke down once inside UTM due to a flat battery, twice outside running out of fuel.

Being a 1965 car, it is quite inferior in many ways vs any modern car. However, the feel of in control of the mechanical parts, all the retro looking gauges, heavy steering, petrol smell, and the timeless sexy looking design just makes me wanna drive it every day.