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Bought my Volvo Seat Belts (Amazon 122 but for P1800 Use)

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Woke up this morning, read some emails and browse ebay site. Accidentally bumped into this:

I have wanted this period correct seat belts for my 1965 Volvo P1800. My current installed one is 1966 model.

There was one in ebay before, sold at US$80. I was tempted to buy, but can’t justify the price. It was just two belts without hook.

This one seems like a great bargain. BUY it now at US$40. There were two bids when I saw the auction, at US$5. Someone will surely click BUY IT NOW, as at US$40 it is still a bargain. So immediately I bought it.

Am happy with the purchase. Good start of the day!

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